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Stephen King

RT @NYDailyNews: St. Johns Seattle Sierra Vista San Bernardino Denison Marshall Winston-Salem Italy Gentilly Benton Mobile Dearborn Philadelphia Los Angeles Oxon Hill Maplewood New York Parkland

RT @johncusack: And grab as much money as they can while supporting enabling a fascist.. treasonous fucks -wont even investigate or do anything about having free elections just shoving money up their asses

RT @igorvolsky: Parkland school shooting: AR-15 Texas church shooting: AR-15 Las Vegas shooting: AR-15 Orlando nightclub shooting: AR-15 Sandy Hook shooting: AR-15 NO CIVILIAN SHOULD HAVE ACCESS TO ASSAULT WEAPONS. THEY ARE KILING OUR CHILDREN.

See? See? What’d I tellya? Here’s Blabbermouth Don, just praying his fat ass off! (As if.)

More apt to be killed by opoids, no doubt, but maybe don’t tell that to the kids who got shot in Broward County today. Or their horrified, grieving parents.

Broward school shooting–There will be prayers from Blabbermouth Don, Pence the Grinch, and their rightwing cohorts. There will be no call for any sort of sane gun regs.

To me, one of the scariest things about Donald Trump–and something that doesn’t get talked about a lot–are the reports of him screaming his head off when things don’t go his way. He seems to have little emotional restraint.

RT @BradleyPittma12: If it’s an NFL player kneeling – They’re a son of a bitch. If it’s a White House Staffer beating his wives – He’s a “Great Guy with a very bright future.”