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Stephen King

Bruce Poliquin declines to comment on my characterization of him as an “NRA sweetheart,” because, according to his representative, I am a “Hollywood person.” Actually, I am a “Maine person.”

RT @GR_comics: Ten Years ago… #LOCKEandKey @joe_hill @chris_ryall #JayFotos @IDWPublishing

The NRA thinking: “They’re just kids. They’ll get all excited about their proms or their Facebook walls or something; maybe some new singer or fashion trend. Don’t worry. They’ll forget.” Not this time.

RT @jules_su: Happy President’s Day to Barack Obama, you know, the last President to *actually* win an election, AND the popular vote (TWICE), without the help of a foreign adversary waging cyberwarfare.

RT @BettyFckinWhite: It’s President’s Day Eve. I’m leaving milk and cookies out for Obama. Fingers crossed.