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Richard Branson

Richard Branson: “You made money, not money made you”: Wise words from a taxi driver in Morocco:

Richard Branson: If money is your only motive, then you shouldn’t launch the business at all

Richard Branson: My top ten quotes on fulfilling potential: #MondayMotivation

Richard Branson: The idea of a five-day working week is fast becoming outdated – what will the future of work look like?

Richard Branson: Rebuilding the BVI to make it stronger, smarter and greener than before: #BVIStrongStory

Richard Branson: Never lose the thrill of trying something for the first time. What’s on your list to try? #FindingMyVirginity

Richard Branson: Love this positive story of entrepreneurship making adventure more accessible to all

Richard Branson: Podcast fans! Listen to me chat with Stephen Dubner of @Freakonomics Radio about entrepreneurship & leadership. Take a listen: #FindingMyVirginity

Richard Branson: To attract investment you have to prove you’ve got what it takes to carry out what you’re promising