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Richard Branson

Richard Branson: Under business as usual, the gender pay gap won’t be closed for another 217 years. Companies must help change that:

Richard Branson: Happiness: what it means, how to find it, how to learn from it and cherish it #FindingMyVirginity

Richard Branson: Breaking down communication barriers with sign language for all @hollybranson

Richard Branson: Amazing seeing trevally fish catch terns out of the sky on #BluePlanet2

Richard Branson: One of my favourite ‘Ted-isms’ from my dear old dad

Richard Branson: Dad loved telling stories and his mind was full of delightful ditties such as this one

Richard Branson: Said mother Tern To baby Tern Would you like a brother? Said baby Tern To mum Tern Yes One good Tern deserves another

Richard Branson: The personal secrets to happiness: really moved hearing the amazing stories of these delightful people #FindingMyVirginity

Richard Branson: What’s my personal secret to happiness? You’ll have to watch this to find out #FindingMyVirginity