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Pope Francis

I wish you all a fruitful Lenten journey, and I ask you to pray for me and my collaborators as we begin our week of Spiritual Exercises.

Only those able to acknowledge their mistakes and ask pardon receive understanding and forgiveness from others.

The message of Jesus is troubling and disturbs us because it challenges worldly religious power and stirs consciences.

In our daily lives we experience the tenderness of God who lovingly saves us from our sins, fears and anxieties.

When we confess our sins with humility and sincerity, we receive forgiveness and are reunited with God and our brothers and sisters.

I feel deep pain for the many children torn from their families and forced to become child soldiers. This is a tragedy!

To serve human life is to serve God and life at every stage: from the womb of the mother, to the suffering and sickness of old age.

The Lord is present in our lives, showing us all His love and encouraging us to respond with generosity.