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You Could Be Playing This Windows 95 Maze Screensaver Game To Save The World

“Cyberspace has never looked so three dimensional! The geniuses at Microsoft have done it again!

It’s been 22 years since Windows released their latest and groundbreaking operating system, Windows 95, and what better to celebrate than with a game that takes you back to days of letting your screensaver run just because it looked so cool.

Screensaver Subterfuge, an indie game by Cahoots Ma10lone, has you going through the Windows 95 screensaver looking for code hidden by terrorist in a plot to take over the world. It comes complete with the familiar brick walls, thin textures, and that oh-so-familiar 90’s ambient music. It even features hilariously awful narrators that sound straight out of the 90’s that comment about how excited they are about Windows 95.

It’s a simple game but it’s surprisingly fun, and a good way to reminisce over the unforgettable 90’s. It’s available to download now for free across Windows, Mac, and Linux.

[ Arstechnica ]


Giant Sharks Attack Film Crew’s Submarine During Creepy Deepwater Encounter

A film crew working on Blue Planet II caught an amazing sight when they came across several Sixgill Sharks going to town over a whale carcass, and got one crazy scare when the sharks turned their sight to the submarine filming and started attacking the vessel.

It’s an incredible short video, that’ll have you glad that Sharks aren’t land based animals. Could you imagine going toe-to-toe with a Great White Shark that wandered into your backyard? Sure, you can run into the house, but he’d just hang out on the porch waiting for you to come out, doing that intimidating neck-slice move until he gets a blood-sacrifice. Sorry Sparky, it’s you or us.

Wow, I went off topic there. I really shouldn’t be writing these things so late. Anyway, hit the jump to see the incredible footage that’ll leave you out of the ocean for a while. I know it’s November, but you know what I mean.


Amazon Launches Stylish Product (RED) Echo Which Supports The Fight Against AIDS

If you’re in the market for an Amazon Echo this holiday season, why not get one that helps fight AIDS (and is without a doubt the best looking option).

Amazon has partnered with Product (RED) to introduce a special edition of their new Echo in the awesome looking red color that the charity is known for. The red really makes it stand out and not look as drab as the standard neutral colors of black (yawn), grey (snooze), other grey (double snooze) or silver (ZZZ).

Every Product (RED) Echo that is sold has Amazon contribute $10 to the organization’s worldwide fight against AIDS. This isn’t the first time Product (RED) has partnered with a tech company to introduce the stylish color into the lineup and contribute to the cause, but it is the first time for Amazon.

Available for $99 now.

Arstechnica ]


KFC Made a $10,000 Dome That Kills Internet Signals


KFC, those people that sell the chicken, have just launched their latest non-food product, a massive Faraday cage that can block our cellular signals. The company calls it the Internet Escape Pod, and it features a Colonel Sanders, resting like Snoopy over it’s dome structure, and a drumstick handle for the door to the cage.

The dome itself is constructed out of steel, stainless steel mesh and high density foam. And as only one of these architectural masterpieces exists, it’ll set you back a cool $10,000.

Now, why anyone would want to buy a $10,000 tent that looks like the Colonel had a stroke and fell on top is not something I thought I’d have to answer, so unfortunately I’m unprepared to sell you on the idea. But hey, I guess you could spend your money on worse things. Actually, no, this is probably the worst way.

TheVerge ]


People Confused Marilyn Manson With Charles Manson and Mourned Him on Twitter

If you haven’t heard, Charles Manson died on Monday after spending 46 years in prison for, well you know. Well, apparently people forget which Manson was the crazy cult leader and which was a hard rock icon and mourned Marilyn Manson on Twitter.

The rocker does take his namesake from the deceased cult leader, combining Charles Manson and Marilyn Monroe for a contradictory name, but it doesn’t really mean you should confuse the two. To be fair, some of these tweets seem a little tongue-in-cheek, but let’s not pretend that everyone on Twitter is working with a full-deck.

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This Lego Shaped Mug and Storage Container is More Form Than Function And That’s Okay

If you’re tired of boring round mugs, and let’s be honest who isn’t, than maybe it’s time to step up your coffee game with some mugs that are cube shaped and designed to fit in a Lego shaped storage container.

The blocks are interlockable, like regular Legos, and can be stacked into all sorts of crazy arrangements. Heck, I bet if you buy enough, you can build a spaceship, or a boat, or even a building, just think about all the caffeinated possibilities.

They come in a variety of different colors, and don’t worry they are dishwasher and microwave safe, though they’re probably not hammer safe, so use caution if you’re juggling hammers or whatever you do in your free time.

Each mug and block will cost $17.15, so like regular Legos, you better have deep pockets if you want to build anything better than a odd-shaped box.

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Nintendo 64 Coffee Table is for Serious Mario Fans

So, you think you’re a real Nintendo fan? Name three of their albums.

Just in case you haven’t proven to be enough of Nintendo fan by getting all of their consoles and first-party games (yes, even the Wii U), than you can always prove your loyalty by getting a coffee table in the shape of the N64 logo. And let’s face it, the Nintendo 64 is the best console Nintendo has ever made and anyone who say otherwise is either lying or in denial. I mean, just check out at the edges on that cube, those polygons and lack of curves drive me crazy.

The coffee table uses exact colors and measurements to match the logo, and is made out of MDF with a laminated top. It comes it at 18”x18”x18”. And unlike some other cool gamer items, this one is actually for sale, and it’s reasonably priced at $150. Though shipping will take that up to about $200 and you’ll have to supply your own glass top.

Check it out on Etsy where it has great reviews.

Etsy ]


Moviepass Announces $6.95 Annual Plan For People Who Like Going To The Movies

If you haven’t heard of Moviepass yet, you should change that. It’s a subscription service that allows users to head to their local theater and see a movie once per day, everyday. They made headlines earlier this year when they announced a huge price drop from $30 per month to $10 month. And now they’re making headlines again by announcing a one year plan for $90 which works out to $7 a month.

The service is crazy simple, you subscribe and get sent a card in the mail, then check into a movie when you arrive at the theater and use the card to pay. It’s an incredible deal for anyone that goes to the movies even semi-regularly, and even if you use the card once per month, you’re still usually saving a couple bucks.

Infact, it’s such a good value that analysts are wondering how their business model works, as Moviepass actually pays for your ticket, and with the average movie tickets costing $8.84, they supposedly start losing money after you’ve seen 2 movies in a month.

Oh well, let’s enjoy it while it lasts.

Also, we’re not sponsored by them (It’s just a good service), so to prove it, I’ll say something bad about them. The Moviepass App isn’t that easy to navigate. See, we don’t have sponsors here, and even if we did, I promise I’d ruin that partnership real fast.

[ TheVerge ]


This Borg Computer Fits On Your Desk/Can Probably Destroy Alderaan

The Borg Cube is one of the most recognizable ships in all of science fiction. It’s so iconic that even I know what it looks like, and I’ve never even Star Trek. Well, now you can go out and buy your very own functional Borg Ship Computer. Neat.

It’s an officially licensed computer and comes in at a tiny 6x6x6 size, so it’s perfect for keeping on your desk, right next to Darth Vader. The computer itself even has pretty decent specs, with the base model including an i-3 7100 and can be optioned up to an i-7 7700K.

No word yet on whether this computer can be used to destroy Alderaan, but if I’m correct, than it can certainly bring unbalance to the force. Again, never seen Star Trek, but I’m sure there’s an Alderaan in there somewhere. Heck, there’s probably a Han Solo too, I mean who else is going to captain the main ship? Some bald British actor? Be serious.

Prices start at $599, so if you’re a fan of the show, pick one up and this thing will have your friends saying “That’s no moon!”.

“Hey writer, have you seen anything besides Star Wars?”


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Pre-Black Friday Sale: Get Up to $200 Off on Amazon Golden Deals

Anova Culinary Sous Vide Precision Cooker

Cook like a pro with the Anova Culinary Sous Vide Precision Cooker, which is just $95 today. Get perfectly cooked meats of restaurant-quality. It’s super easy to use. Just attach it to any pot, add water, and drop in your ingredients in a sealed bag. Super straightforward.

SagaPlay Pro Self-Balancing Scooter

For your kid this Christmas (or for any adult who would like a convenient mode of transport). Here’s the SagaPlay Pro Self-Balancing Scooter that can climb slopes and handle any terrain. It lasts for over an hour and can travel a 9-mile range.

Eufy Genie Smart Speaker

If you want a more affordable smart speaker that is also Alexa-compatible, try this Eufy Genie Smart Speaker. It’s a voice-controlled speaker that can play your music, answer your questions, set schedules, report the weather, and more. It’s only $20 today.