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Michael Moore

Michael Moore: RT @ShaunKing: White employees from the Oklahoma City Government fired after being recorded calling King Day “Nigger Day.” America. 2018.

Michael Moore: Also: Go see “Hostiles”. Christian Bale stars in this powerful film, set in the yr after our last official massacre of the 400 yr-long genocide of the Native peoples. A bigoted Army Captain is ordered 2 escort a dying Indian chief back to his homeland. A profound piece of cinema

Michael Moore: Great films 2 go see this weekend in theaters: “The Post”, a brilliant Spielberg film about while the NY Times was dutifully obeying a judge & not publishing the secret documents that exposed the lies of the VietnamWar, the woman running the Washington Post said F-it & ran them.

Michael Moore: “Canadians End E.coli” Hmmm. But did they count all those Canadians who died waiting in all those long lines to see a doctor? Yes, romaine lettuce kills, but Socialized medicine (not to mention strong regulations regarding food safety) is far, far worse!

Michael Moore: This is true. And just to put a finer point on it, Lawrence was calling Trump, who @ that time was a top star making a ton o money 4 Lawrence’s parent network, NBC, a RACIST. I remember thinking, “he’s gonna get fired,” so I went on his show to publicly thank him for his courage.

Michael Moore: This is what I’ve been saying & why I’ve encouraged each of u 2 consider running 4 office this yr. Average, moderate Dems lose elections — progressive ppl w/ no party experience & w/o the support of the party WIN! Read this — then do something crazy! RUN!

Michael Moore: In the morning, when u wake up, call your Senators &members of Congress — 202-225-3121 — & say, “I’m an American. My family originally came from the shithole country of (fill in the blank). On Nov 6th, I will be bringing my shithole self & and a shitload of others to the polls.”

Michael Moore: ALL journalists from now on, when referring to Trump, must use the word “racist” as a factual description of him. “The racist president of the US, Donald Trump, flew today to…” Or, “Trump, a racist, met with leaders of Congress…” Or,“Today, the racist Trump, signed a bill…”

Michael Moore: To paraphrase Stephen Colbert, those aren’t “shithole countries” because their president isn’t Donald Trump.

Michael Moore: Help make it happen for Edward Said Public Library-Gaza. I just made my contribution. Please help if you can. #indiegogo via @indiegogo