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Matthew Inman

if you break up my name it spells “mat the win man” my parents knew I was destined to be a loser so they overcompensated my name is like a combover for my soul

@CoryLeSaicherre @gameofkittens @coolboxes @USPS I really want to know what went through that person’s head when they took it. It’s a box covered in bright orange packing tape that says “YOU’VE GOT CRABS.” (P.S. Sorry to hear about your stolen package. That sucks. BlackBox is gonna ship you a replacement asap)

@robertpaxton I tried to write the onomatopoeia of flapping lips but it just kept looking like he was doing a rap solo

@RevEnFuego @DeadliestCatch Really? I live in Ballard! I kept thinking I’d have to travel to the Bering strait or some shit

.@DeadliestCatch I would like to give you crabs. How can we make this happen? 🦀🦀 ❤❤