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5 Things You Should Know – Part 146

Here are 5 things you should know.

1. When anxiety causing thoughts arise, start mentally describing objects or actions you see in your vicinity as if you were narrating a story.

This will distract your brain from spiraling down that dreaded black hole.

The idea is to make the voice in your head act as a narrator to things that are happening around you. This turns your focus outwards rather than inwards. Lots of anxiety arises from too much focus on oneself.

2. The US Navy has a set of manuals to teach basic math all the way up to pre-Calculus and statistics.

The Navy has four manuals used to teach those with very minimal education basic math.

To get a sense of the education level assumed, NAVEDTRA 14139 starts with a review of addition, subtraction, and multiplication (assuming that you’ve seen these things before but reminding you how to do them), the first full unit that is not a review is on fractions.

  • NAVEDTRA 14139 Mathematics Basic Math and Algebra – 13.8 MB
  • NAVEDTRA 14140 Mathematics Trigonometry – 8.39 MB
  • NAVEDTRA 14141 Mathematics Pre Calculus and Introduction to Probability – 10.4 MB
  • NAVEDTRA 14142 Mathematics Introduction to Statistics Number Systems and Boolean Algebra – 6.61 MB

3. Kidde is recalling nearly 38 million fire extinguishers made from 1973 through 2017.

If you have a fire extinguisher with a plastic handle, definitely check if it’s part of the recall.

More info here. Some other brands (presumably manufactured by Kidde) include:

  • Ademco
  • ADT
  • Bicentennial
  • Costco
  • Fire Away
  • Fuller
  • Gillette
  • Home
  • Honeywell
  • J.L.
  • Kadet
  • Mariner
  • Master Protection
  • Montgomery Ward
  • Quell
  • Sams
  • Sanford
  • Sears
  • Traveler
  • Volunteer


4. You can shape government by more than just voting: most western democratic countries seek public comment on proposed regulations on a regular basis. Links to some countries inside.

Here are a few examples in no particular order:

USAUKCanadaAustraliaNew ZealandNorwayEuropean Union

5. If a company suddenly makes it difficult to get a refund. You can call your fraud hotline for your credit and use it as evidence to justify a chargeback.


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25 Interesting Shower Thoughts – Part 93

Here are this week’s shower thoughts.

1-5 Shower Thoughts

Image credit:

1. If EA suffers big enough losses from the backlash of Battlefront 2, and it all started because some guy couldn’t unlock Vader, this will be the second time Anakin brought balance to something.

2. It kinda makes sense that the target audience for fidget spinners lost interest in them so quickly.

3. Maybe little kids have it right when they worship the garbage man, the postman, the guy who drives the semi and cranes, instead of admiring the cesspool of Hollywood that we adults seem to.

4. George Orwell predicted cameras watching us in our homes, but he didn’t predict that we would buy and install them ourselves.

5. I️ bet people with one arm are amazing at spooning.

6-10 Shower Thoughts

6. Whoever invented light switches on the outside of bathroom doors was probably an only child.

7. The first actor who said “curses” while playing a villain may have just been reading the stage directions.

8. In the old days taping your password to your monitor was idiotic. Now it’s the only place online hackers can’t get to it.

9. Homeless people should pitch their tents outside big box stores and sell their spot in line to Black Friday shoppers.

10. Schrodinger’s song is the first few minutes before you know if the song is “Under Pressure” or “Ice Ice Baby”.

11-15 Shower Thoughts

11. A lot of relationships start off with “Don’t ever change” then progress to “You have to change” and end with “You’ve changed”.

12. What if Adam and Eve were the first two people on earth, physically and mentally perfect, and what the human race is now is the dumb and deformed result of years and years of inbreeding?

13. Soldiers not only die for us, they kill for us, which is a sacrifice not as often recognized, and must be a terrible burden to bear.

14. If Wolverine can heal/regenerate his wounds, then no matter what, Wolverine is uncircumcised.

15. Andromeda Galaxy is going to collide with the Milky way in 4 billion years. We still have time to rename Andromeda to Cookie Way.


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26 Interesting Facts About Siberia

Here are 26 Interesting Siberia facts.

1-5 Siberia Facts

1. There’s a diamond mine in Siberia so large that helicopter traffic over it is prohibited due to several incidents in which they were “sucked in.” – Source

2. Kindergartners in Siberia run outside in their underwears and dump freezing water over themselves to strengthen their immune systems. – Source

3. In 2007, Siberia experienced orange snow. This orange snow was ruled to most likely caused by a heavy sandstorm in neighboring Kazakhstan. Tests on the snow revealed numerous sand and clay dust particles and a high iron content, which were blown into Russia in the upper stratosphere. – Source

4. A 39,000-year-old perfectly preserved wooly mammoth was discovered in Siberia. – Source

5. Until World War II, tea was still used as a form of currency in Siberia. – Source

6-10 Siberia Facts

6. Lake Baikal in Siberia has more water than all the Great Lakes combined. – Source

7. In 2007, Russian scientists found a cache of 32,000-year-old fruit 38 meters(125 ft.) below the permafrost in Siberia that were still viable and when planted grew to be healthy seed-producing plants. – Source

8. A deep hole drilled in Siberia became widely known as the “Well to Hell” when religious media purported that screams of the damned were recorded in its depths. – Source

9. The Tunguska Event, an explosion in Siberia in 1908, was 1,000 times greater than the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima, wiped out 80 million trees, and may have killed a total of 2 people. – Source

10. The phrase “three dog night”, meaning it is so cold you would need three dogs in bed with you to keep warm, originated with the Chukchi people of Siberia, who kept the Siberian Husky landrace dog that became the modern purebred breed of Siberian Husky. – Source

11-15 Siberia Facts

Image credit:

11. There is a sizeable Ethnic Minority group living in Siberia who are reputed to have the most red-headed people in the world. – Source

12. The “Smartest Street in the World” is located in a scientific community in Siberia because its 2.5 kilometers have more than 20 scientific research institutes. Many Soviet scientists moved there in the 1960s for its level of intellectual freedom. – Source

13. Vampire Moths were recently discovered in Siberia. – Source

14. A cat in Barnaul, Siberia, won a mayoral race last year with more than 90% of the vote. His name was Barsik, and his campaign slogan was “Only mice don’t vote for Barsik!” He was not allowed to take office. – Source

15. Before alcohol was introduced in Siberia, tribesmen consumed psychoactive mushrooms so rare that the poor who could not afford it would wait around the huts of the rich with a bowl to collect and drink the rich’s urine, which they drink off greedily, as having still some of the mushrooms in it. – Source

16-20 Siberia Facts

Image credit:

16. There is a highway in Siberia that contains the bones of those that died working on it as that was easier than burying them. – Source

17. There’s a desert of sand dunes in the middle of Siberia. – Source

18. A pair of 12,000-year-old cave lion cubs were found mummified in Siberia. – Source

19. There is a zoo in Siberia where visitors can purchase a live chicken, duck, pheasant, sheep or cow and watch it get fed to the Tigers. – Source

20. Siberia is 13.1 million square kilometers (5.1 million square miles) and is extraordinarily rich in minerals, oil, and natural gas. Yet only about 40 million people live there. – Source

21-26 Siberia Facts

21. Drunken Trees are trees that have grown crookedly because of melting permafrost in Siberia. – Source

22. Pleistocene Park is a reserve in Siberia attempting to restore a 13,000-year-old ecosystem. – Source

23. Back in 1990, a tobacco & liquor shortage caused a three-day riot in Siberia. – Source

24. In the 16th century Russia, a church bell was sent to exile in Siberia for treason. – Source

25. One of Russia’s top universities is in Siberia. An academic town was built there in the 1950s as the region had natural resources but lacked research institutions and the first student dorms were tents in the forest. – Source

26. A hydroelectric plant in Siberia violently broke apart after a sudden water surge. The surge resulted in a chain reaction, flattening the powerhouse completely and killing around 75 people. – Source



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AskReaders: Is it okay to push your mom out of your life if it’s to protect your mental health and overall wellbeing? Why or why not?

We asked our regular contributors through e-mail, Is it okay to push your mom out of your life if it’s to protect your mental health and overall well-being? Why or why not? We got many interesting responses. Here are some of them. We have just copied and pasted their responses, not editing them in any way and most of the respondents have requested to stay anonymous, so no names will be published.

1. Yes, because blood relation doesn’t excuse their actions.

2. Absolutely. I have a friend who struggles with depression and anxiety and his mother is constantly telling him he’s a worthless piece. He has a decent job that gives him around 60K a year, novices, and is generally well loved by his peers and coworkers/subordinates. Mostly because he will not let himself be the family bank and disowned his drug-addicted brother for constantly stealing from him. At a family gathering this summer, she started an argument with him and attempted to slap his face; he grabbed her by the wrist to stop it and she told him she would call the police and have him arrested for assault. She also tells him that she wished the aforementioned brother would have beaten him, even more, when he was a child; she knew the abuse was happening and did nothing to stop it.

I have made it no great secret that I believe he should cut that toxic weed out of his life, for good if he has to. There is absolutely no benefit in nurturing a relationship like this, family or not.

3.  It’s okay to push anyone out of your life for your own well being! I had to push my mom out of my life for a while. She didn’t understand boundaries and such. She kept pulling me back into a terrible mental state. So I stopped nearly all contact with her for about a year or so I could get myself to a good place. It also was good for my mom. She still occasionally slips into the old state, but immediately I remind her it’s not okay. We have a much better relationship now. That’s not saying you’ll ever be able to have your mom back in your life, everyone is different. But if it’s something you feel you need it is completely acceptable and understandable.

4. I just cut ties with my mom after a long history of putting up with un mom-like behavior and frankly, it feels pretty good to not have an emotional obligation to someone who didn’t feel one towards me anymore.

5. I grew up in a toxic household largely centered around my dad’s addictions to drugs and alcohol. I grew up in a trailer park in a trailer that caught fire and literally exploded when my dad was cooking meth in it (he was badly burned, I was not home at the time).

No one in my family went to college. I was the first to graduate high school even. My mother made it to grade 9, my dad to grade 5. He could read a little but not functionally. Mom had a GED and dad had a forged GED.

I cut ties with everyone toxic. I just said “no” one day. I haven’t spoken to my father for many years and have no desire to do so. I started cutting ties when my family began to mock and deride my decision to go to college.

I sought out stable people in my life. I married a wonderful man who helped me develop stability. I went to college, I have a master’s degree, and I graduate with my MD in may.

I could not have done any of it if I still had the immense chaos of the family I was born into, or if I didn’t have the stability of the family I chose.

No one can give you a legitimate yes/no answer to this question only you can answer this question for yourself. But the important thing is. If your family is truly toxic and you can truly seek stability without them, you should not be ashamed if that is your choice. Seek self-betterment along the way, relentlessly.

6. God yes. Being your mother doesn’t get her a pass to make you miserable.

7. Cutting my mom out of my life has been one of, if not the most, difficult things I’ve ever done. I’ve tried not to, I’ve tried to work around it and tell myself “it’ll get better, she’ll get better.” But she hasn’t and I can’t have the noose around my neck and keep calling it a necklace. There are good days and bad days without her in my life, just like there were good days and bad days with her in it. But I feel mentally lighter. More confident with who I am as a person and my own thoughts. A smidge less self-deprecating. I felt soul weary from carrying around so much self-hatred, and that’s slowly going away. There’s still guilt. She’s been through a lot, and I understand that. But I can’t light myself on fire to keep somebody else warm.

8. Absolutely okay. If your mom is toxic, there should be no guilt about maintaining your own boundaries.

9. Nobody else but you is in charge of who you associate with. Nobody other than you need to be ok with it.

10. You don’t have to have anyone in your life you don’t want in it.


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5 Life Pro Tips of the Week – Part 108

Here are this week’s Life Pro Tips.

1. Take the time to do a full clean of your vacuum.

Wash everything and cut out all the hair from the roller. It will make a huge difference in the cleaning quality and will last you a life time.

2. Thinking about or just taken up a new hobby or interest? Unless you’re sure you’re going to commit to it don’t tell your family in the run-up to Christmas.

That is unless you want a load of new books/equipment relating to the new hobby that you may never use.

3. Always copy any text you have input on any online web form before you click submit. If the page fails to load you can still save your work.

As a backup, after copying, paste into a text file.

4. Keep a big jug next to your kitchen sink.

When you turn the hot water on and are waiting for it to get hot, fill the jug instead of wasting down the drain. Use it to drink or water a plant.

5. If your lazy roommate doesn’t wake up to turn off their alarm call their phone and it will turn off the alarm for them.


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25 Kickass Random Facts List #349

Here are 25 kickass random facts. For part 348, click here.

1-5 Kickass Random Facts

Image credit:

1. In December 1777, Morocco officially became the first nation to recognize the United States as a country, Morocco also holds the record for maintaining the longest unbroken treaty with the US. – Source

2.In 1948, Canada wasn’t going to send a Hockey team to the Olympics, so the Royal Canadian Air Force sent some servicemen to represent the country, and they won Gold. – Source

3. John Gotti had his neighbor’s body dissolved in a 55-gallon drum of acid for accidentally running over and killing Gottis 12-year-old son. – Source

4. Keurig K-Cups generate 10 times the solid waste that would be generated from a standard drip brewer and most of that waste isn’t recyclable. Co-founder John Sylvan said, “I feel bad sometimes that I ever did it.” – Source

5. The area code for Cape Canaveral in Florida is 321 to mimic the countdown sequence of spacecraft launches. – Source

6-10 Kickass Random Facts

Image credit:

6. Ian Anderson, the frontman for the rock band Jethro Tull, adopted the flute after realized he would never be “as good as Eric Clapton” on the electric guitar. – Source

7. In 1901 Spain, a woman adopted a male identity and married another woman. The couple was later discovered and had to escape to Argentina. Their marriage certificate was never annulled, so this is the first recorded same-sex marriage in Spain, 100 years before it was legal. – Source

8. Sean Astin (Bob Newby, Superhero and Sam Gamgee) is the adopted son of John Astin (Gomez Addams). – Source

9. Tokyo is the city with the most millionaires in the world but London has the most multi-millionaires and New York the most billionaires. – Source

10. a Roman soldier once farted, causing a riot that leads to the deaths of ten thousand people. – Source

11-15 Kickass Random Facts

Image credit:

11. After analyzing losses over North Vietnam in 1968, the US Air Force invested in upgrades for its F-4 jets while the Navy created an advanced combat school for its pilots: TOPGUN. The Navy saw kill ratios climb to 13:1 while the Air Force saw no improvements. – Source

12. At the height of Pokémon Go, a number of players tried sneaking into a highly classified military explosives plant in Virginia because a Charizard was reportedly located inside the arsenal. – Source

13. The “Just Missed it Club,” was a group of people who, for one reason or another did not sail on the Titanic. One of these members was Alfred Gwynne Vanderbilt, son of the late shipping and railroad mogul Cornelius Vanderbilt. He died in the Lusitania disaster 3 years later. – Source

14. Scientists caught a skink evolving. Researchers found that skinks living below a mountain in warmer climates would lay eggs. At higher climates, the cold caused the skinks to hold their eggs inside for longer until they would hatch internally for live births. – Source

15. In the films “Rocky,” (1976) and “Rocky Balboa,”(2006) Rocky’s pet turtles were played by the same two turtles. – Source


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25 Interesting Historical Photos – Part 110

Here are this week’s interesting historical photos. For part 109, click here.

1. “Eyes of Hate”, a photograph of Goebbels after he finds out his photographer was Jewish, Geneva, September 1933.

2. Hiroo Onoda, Japanese soldier who refused to surrender until 1974.

3. First photo of Earth from outer space.

It is taken by strapping a camera to the US captured Nazi V-2 Rocket and hoping the film would survive the crash, October 24th, 1946.

4. Nine Kings in one photo, 1910.

5. A Soviet soldier carrying the head of a statue of Hitler, Berlin 1945.

6. British soldier hiding from the rain under the German tank “Tiger” during World War II, 1944.

7. Laura Petty, a 6-year-old berry picker on Jenkins farm, Rock Creek near Baltimore, Md. July 8th, 1909.

8. Queen Elizabeth II’s wedding cake, 1947.

9. German POWs, captured by Americans, reacting to footage of concentration camps, 1945.

10. Liverpool goalkeeper Ray Clemence watches a dog relieve itself at West Ham United’s Upton Park, 1977.


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16 Interesting Facts About Reindeer

Here are 16 Interesting Reindeer facts.

1-5 Reindeer Facts

1. Reindeer are one of the only mammals that can see UV light, allowing them to see lichen, polar bears against the snow, and urine trails. – Source

2. Caribou is simply the North American name for reindeer. – Source

3. Reindeer are unable to walk and pee at the same time, so they have to take a bathroom break roughly every 6 miles. The distance between stops is so regular that in Finnish, this distance is known as “poronkusema” or “reindeer’s piss” and was a description of distances in the countryside. – Source

4. Reindeer herders in Finland are painting their reindeer’s antlers with reflective paint to cut down on deer-car collisions. – Source

5. Reindeer aren’t native to Alaska. Sheldon Jackson purchased them from Siberia to help with the food shortages in the late 1800s. He brought in 16 and by the late 1930s, there were 640,000. – Source

6-10 Reindeer Facts

6. Eyes of Arctic reindeer change color through the seasons from gold to blue. – Source

7. 323 reindeer were killed in a single lightning storm in Norway. Reindeer huddle together in bad weather and their close proximity explains why so many were killed at once. – Source

8. All of Santa’s reindeer were female because only female reindeer keep their antlers in December. – Source

9. Some reindeer really do have red noses, a result of densely packed blood vessels near the skin’s surface. – Source

10. During WWII a fully grown reindeer lived on a British submarine, ate a navigation chart and got so fat that it couldn’t get back out. – Source

11-16 Reindeer Facts

Image credit:

11. There’s a soft drink in Sweden that is made with reindeer blood. – Source

12. Reindeer are associated with having bells on their harnesses because migrating ethnic Sámi or Alpine herders used the sound to follow each other’s sledges in a caravan after daylight ended. – Source

13. Reindeer love to eat psychedelic mushrooms may get high off of them, and that this could be the origin of the flying reindeer myth. – Source

14. Reindeer were among the first animals domesticated by humans. – Source

15. The traditional method of castrating a reindeer is to bite its testicles. – Source

16. In 2005, the Italian Prime Minister, Berlusconi, insulted Finnish cuisine and joked that Finns ate “marinated reindeer”. In 2008, Finland won an international pizza contest, beating Italy. The name of the winning pizza was “Pizza Berlusconi” which was made of smoked reindeer. – Source


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25 Uplifting Headlines of the Week – Part 55

Here are this week’s uplifting headlines.

1-5 Uplifting Headlines of the Week

1. A man falsely imprisoned for 10 years, uses prison library to study law and have his conviction overturned. Becomes a lawyer and is now helping overturn other false convictions. – Source

2. Children’s Hospitals convert MRI and CT Scanners to interactive adventures to avoid frightening children. – Source

3. Some companies still paying Puerto Rico employees despite closed stores after hurricanes. – Source

4. ‘I opened it up and that baby just looked me right in the eyes.’ Newborn baby placed inside safe haven baby box at the fire station. – Source

5. A man obsessed with cranes gets a guard of honor by crane drivers he waved hello to every day. – Source

6-10 Uplifting Headlines of the Week

6. Pakistan bans plastic bags in one of its 5 provinces. – Source

7. Danica Roem is Va.’s first openly transgender elected official, unseating conservative in House race. – Source

8. Girls insist they’re twins because they ‘have the same birthday and the same soul’. – Source

9. Endangered apes saved from pet trade: Conservationists are celebrating the arrival of a baby Javan gibbon, the first of this species to be born in the wild to parents that were rescued from the pet trade. – Source

10. Virginia lottery player wins $5,000, $500 and finally $5 million. – Source

11-15 Uplifting Headlines of the Week

11. Plastic pollution from the ocean is being used to make designer sunglasses: About 10 kilograms of waste is collected for each piece of eyewear, with most of the rest recycled for other uses. – Source

12. Born before 22 weeks, the most premature baby is now thriving. – Source

13. 90-year-old finally joins music fraternity, 69 years after she was accepted. – Source

14. Little girl’s stolen puppy returned by remorseful thieves. – Source

15. Denver council unanimously votes to ban cat declawing. – Source


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5 Things You Should Know – Part 145

Here are 5 things you should know.

1. If you’re using Firefox and you keep getting prompts to “help improve it” with telemetry, an add-on called “Pioneer enrollment” was added to your browser by Mozilla and removing it will make those prompts stop.

2. There is a simplified version of Wikipedia that condenses the main points into simple English.

It’s at and has the main points of most articles from the regular Wikipedia site, so it’s good for revising points or saving time.

3. The Microsoft Store will stop selling music on 31 December 2017. All music you have bought will not be streamable or downloadable.

Image credit:

So download it now before it is gone forever

4. The Bacchus Maneuver.

Image credit:

This position is used to keep a sleeping or unconscious drunk person on their side, either for the night or (in the case of alcohol poisoning) until medical help arrives.

5. You can forward your spam email to an AI bot that will mess with them.

Their site:

You can ask their AI questions and learn what it does, it’s pretty interesting.

The email:


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