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25 Interesting Shower Thoughts – Part 85

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Here are this week’s shower thoughts.

1-5 Shower Thoughts

1. It’s 2017, any place that charges a convenience fee to pay bills online is just not done.

2. There should be a reality show where flat-earthers have to find the edge of the world.

3. I have never in my life seen someone replace the ink stick in a pen, yet most pens are built so this can be done.

4. If any realistic message came out of Shrek, it would be that ugly people don’t need to worry about being ugly since they will just marry other ugly people.

5. Snickers commercials say “You’re not you when you’re hungry.” But I’m always hungry so who am I.

6-10 Shower Thoughts

6. As much as I use my smartphone I don’t think I have ever seen it in any of my dreams.

7. Mimes are the opposite of ghosts. You can see mimes but can’t see what they interact with. You can’t see ghosts but can see what they interact with.

8. Taking dating advice from attractive people is like taking financial advice from someone who won the lottery.

9. From Saturn’s perspective, today the human terrorist organization “NASA” just attacked them with a dirty bomb.

10. Rap diss tracks are essentially just two grown men writing poems about each other.

11-15 Shower Thoughts

11. I wish horses knew that every time we pass them we say, “Ooh look, horses.”

12. Sometimes the only reason I stop scrolling is that I’ve accidentally pressed the back button and can’t be bothered finding my place a million posts down again. Might as well go to sleep then.

13. Whenever I’m forced to watch an entire ad, it makes me make a mental note in my head to avoid ever buying from that company again.

14. When I was a child, people told me I was an old soul because of my ability to understand the world around me. Now, I’m almost 30 years old and that understanding has turned into a cynical, sarcastic humor where my coping mechanism is to make jokes about everything. Now people tell me I’m childish.

15. Why do we assume that a zombie apocalypse has to have human zombies? Maybe zombie cows will be a threat to all humanity.

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38 Interesting Facts About Los Angeles

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Here are 38 Interesting Los Angeles facts.

1-5 Los Angeles Facts

Image credit: en.wikipedia.org

1. In 1943, smog formed so suddenly and severely in the Los Angeles area that residents believed they were being attacked by Japanese chemical weapons. – Source

2. YouTube has a production space in Los Angeles that is free to use if you have 10,000 subscribers. – Source

3. After a power outage in Los Angeles in 1994, dozens of people starting calling the local observatory panicking about the “strange sky”. They were talking about the stars. – Source

4. Los Angeles consumes the same amount of water today as it did in 1970, with 1 million more residents. The city consumes approximately 123 gallons per capita, per day, which is the best in the entire nation. – Source

5. Los Angeles and its suburbs, home to 19 million people, is the only megacity in the world where mountain lions live side by side with humans. – Source

6-10 Los Angeles Facts

Image credit: en.wikipedia.org

6. Los Angeles County in California has a higher population than other US states. – Source

7. In Los Angeles, you can serve a jail sentence in a much nicer “pay-to-serve” jails for $100. These allow day release for employment, food delivery, and better-visiting conditions. Those that can’t pay as much clean the jail. – Source

8. In 2001, a Los Angeles man, upset at the poor exit signage on the 110 Freeway, modified an overhead sign under the cover of night. Caltrans investigated it, approved of the workmanship, and left it up for eight years. – Source

9. In 1893, geologist and explorer Major John Wesley Powell told the Los Angeles International Irrigation Congress, “Gentlemen, you are piling up a heritage of conflict and litigation over water rights, for there is not sufficient water to supply the land.” He was booed out of the hall. – Source

10. In Feb. 24, 1942, the US Military ordered a total blackout of Los Angeles and fired 1,400 anti-air artillery and thousands of .50 caliber shots at a hovering object for 1 hour. – Source

11-15 Los Angeles Facts

Image credit: en.wikipedia.org

11. The last time a Solar Eclipse passed through Los Angeles was on May 22, 1724. Another eclipse won’t pass through LA until April 1, 3290. – Source

12. Los Angeles was hit with a devastating and deadly series of intentionally set fires in the 1980s and 90s. They finally arrested the arsonist who turned out to be The Arson Inspector charged with investigating the fires. – Source

13. In 1976, doctors in Los Angeles went on strike, and the mortality rate dropped 18%. – Source

14. The first ever 3D feature film was released in Los Angeles in 1922. Now believed to be lost forever. – Source

15. Los Angeles once had the largest electric rail system in the world, until automobile, tire, and oil companies bought and dismantled it, along with mass transit systems in 44 other US cities. The mass transit systems were replaced with freeways and buses, increasing sales of cars, tires, and oil. – Source

16-20 Los Angeles Facts

Image credit: en.wikipedia.org

16. The largest mass lynching in American history was the Chinese Massacre of 1871 in Los Angeles. – Source

17. To camouflage aircraft factories in suburban Los Angeles during WWII, the military built simulated neighborhoods on their rooftops complete with fake cars, roads, homes, and foliage. Actors were hired to inhabit these spaces too. – Source

18. Hitler had a bunker in the hills of Los Angeles built by American fascists. – Source

19. The City of Los Angeles uses 96 million plastic balls to cover its water supply to prevent evaporation, saving enough drinking water for around 8,100 people per year. – Source

20. In 1910, Alice Stebbins Wells was sworn in as the first policewoman in the United States by the Los Angeles Police Department and was issued a standard badge. When she was accused of impersonating her husband, LAPD presented her with “Policewoman’s Badge Number One”. – Source

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Tucker Carlson’s Witch Interview

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Tucker Carlson has always been a something of a tool. It’s not that he’s a conservative, but rather that he seems to have a remarkable ability to trivialize almost anything he doesn’t agree with and hone in on its least relevant points. Case and point – Carlson recently interviewed a practicing witch named Amanda Yates Garcia on his show, and ignored her political points because he just had to know whether witches used "eye of newt" in spells. What that has to do with anything is anybody’s guess.

“Sincere question: Is eye of newt an actual ingredient?” Carlson asked. Garcia rolled her eyes.

“I think the real problem is not whether or not eye of newt is an actual ingredient,” Garcia said. “The real problem is we’re about to have some kind of big nuclear extravaganza with North Korea. The real problem is that we’re punishing immigrant children. The real problem is that we’re causing students to go into deep debt. I don’t think the real problem is whether or not we use eye of newt.”

“I’m not suggesting it’s a problem,” Carlson laughed. “I’m with you on the student debt, by the way.” He then pushed forward with his original question. “Is eye of newt an actual thing or not?” he insisted.

“Eye of newt? Isn’t that from Shakespeare?” she replied. “I think he was probably using a bit of poetic license.” Most witches use what’s on hand, such as candles and paper, Garcia said.

If anybody out there has doubts about magick being a niche interest with a tiny following, there you go. On a political show, a witch brings up real political issues. But all the host wants to know about is "eye of newt" – which, by the way, is a thing because newts have eyes. I don’t know of any spells calling for that as an ingredient, though. That’s not just Carlson’s personal cluelessness there – that’s the level at which most people understand what we do.

Carlson also asked about a “binding spell” Garcia and others have cast on President Donald Trump to prevent him from harming others, whether or not she was worried about the supernatural consequences of spells and if there were any federal regulations on witchcraft.

What Carlson clearly doesn’t understand is that when somebody engages in prayer with a specific intent, that’s the same damn thing as a spell. Purely devotional prayers are different, but whenever you are "praying for xxx to happen" you are casting a spell. Even if you don’t consider yourself a witch or a sorcerer or a magician. We just use specialized techniques to make our "prayers" more efficient and more likely to work.

Any federal regulation against spells would have to outlaw directed prayers as well, and when you look at it that way it should be clear that this would constitute an illegal restriction on free exercise of religion. So no, there’s no law against spells, and it would be entirely unconstitutional to create one.

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Wikileaks Publishes “Spy Files Russia” Detailing Russia’s Mass Surveillance System

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Wikileaks has just published numerous documents under the heading “Spy Files Russia.” The documents suggest that Moscow uses a sophisticated state surveillance system to spy on Russian internet and cellphone users.

Ironically, this release comes after many claims made by the public and mainstream media that Wikileaks and its founder Julian Assange are influenced or controlled by Russia, as the organization has previously focused mostly on exposing U.S. secrets.

Whether this is a regime change in an attempt to refute these allegations or not, Wikileaks’ latest information dump has certainly shed some light on how little privacy Russian citizens have.

NSA Whistleblower Edward Snowden actually tweeted about it, which you can see below:

What Documents Are in the Wikileaks “Russia Spy Files”?

Wikileaks claims the files prove that a Russian software company is installing infrastructure all over Russia, thanks to governmental approval, which allows Russian state agencies to spy on citizens’ online and electronic activity. It’s no wonder Snowden tweeted about the matter, since the NSA used a similar surveillance program to spy on U.S. citizens.

The 34 Wikileaks documents, dated between 2007 and 2015, all pertain to a St. Petersburg-based company called Peter-Service, which is the alleged contractor installing the mass Russian surveillance system.

Wikileaks states:

PETER-SERVICE is uniquely placed as a surveillance partner due to the remarkable visibility their products provide into the data of Russian subscribers of mobile operators, which expose to PETER-SERVICE valuable metadata, including phone and message records, device identifiers (IMEI, MAC addresses), network identifiers (IP addresses), cell tower information and much more. This enriched and aggregated metadata is of course of interest to Russian authorities, whose access became a core component of the system architecture.

So, what kind of data does Peter-Service have on Russian citizens? Well, it’s a bit of a “Big Brother” scenario. Wikileaks reported, “PETER-SERVICE claims to already have access to a majority of all phone call records as well as Internet traffic in Russia.” One document revealed that the company has access to specific information about your phone and your online payments if you live in Russia.

One of the systems covered in the Wikileaks dump, referred to as Traffic Data Mart, “records and monitors” IP traffic for all cell phones registered with the company.

It’s important to note that the Wikileaks documents do not actually refer to Russia’s spy agency, the FSB, whatsoever, but instead only reference “state agencies.” This could mean that law enforcement simply uses the data for legal purposes, but the documents also don’t mention what other state agencies use the data.

Some people have still been quick to criticize the released documents, claiming that, since they discuss a national system of online surveillance called System for Operative Investigative Activities (SORM) that was already known to the public, there wasn’t enough new information within the documents to make them worthwhile.

You can go through all of the documents on the Wikileaks website here.

Final Thoughts 

A lot of the claims made about Wikileaks having ties to Russia were part of the DNC/mainstream media effort to convince the public that Russia hacked the U.S. election. However, an FBI whistleblower specifically stated that it was former DNC employee Seth Rich, who was murdered, who allegedly leaked the documents to Wikileaks.

The DNC and much of the public believed that the DNC email leak published by Wikileaks was to blame for the demise of the DNC party and Hillary Clinton in the most recent U.S. election. Instead of taking responsibility for their actions, the DNC was quick to blame “Russian hackers” for sending the DNC emails to Wikileaks, when in reality they were allegedly sent from inside the DNC.

Instead of criticizing Wikileaks, perhaps we should focus on the good work the organization has done in exposing some hard truths all over the world. Though much of their publications do, in fact, relate to the U.S. government, we should be thanking them for their work, not criticizing them for not focusing on other subjects.

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Hanging Baby Cages Used To Be All The Rage In 1930s London

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Hanging Baby Cages Used To Be All The Rage In 1930s London

Apparently, it used to be totally acceptable to hang your baby outside the apartment window in a tiny cage.

And not only was it acceptable, it was even encouraged! My, how things have changed.

This set of photos of strange photos reveal what it was like to raise a baby in crowded 1930s London.

Newspaper clippings reveal that these baby cages were hailed as a fantastic new invention and the perfect solution to apartment living.

Don’t have a yard for your tot to wander around in for fresh air and sunshine?

Apparently, placing the baby in a precarious cage suspended several stories off the ground was a great alternative. Clearly, this was before lawsuits were commonplace.

Keep scrolling for photos and even a video outlining the benefits of this strange phenomenon!

Via Daily Mail

Hanging Baby Cages Used To Be All The Rage In 1930s London

Hanging Baby Cages Used To Be All The Rage In 1930s London

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Artist Bedazzles Forgotten City Spaces And Invites You To Join In

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Artist Bedazzles Forgotten City Spaces And Invites You To Join In

Urban Geode is a street art series that adds whimsical beauty to broken and forgotten city spaces. The geodes peak out of the most unexpected places, adding dazzling details where you least expect them!

Like what you see? Urban Goedoe is open for anyone to participate in. Just email artist and designer Paige Smith, aka A Common Name. She’s the creative behind the series.

Urban Geode draws inspiration from quiet, forgotten spaces like cracks in bricks, the grating of a drain, the inside of a pipe, or an empty phone booth. Anywhere small spaces have been forgotten by the city, Smith’s handmade geodes creep in.

"Geodes are formations made and found in nature and my process of using manmade materials and placing them in major cities concurrently signals the tension between nature and industry and celebrates the beauty of urban space," she says. "My work is infused with a magical realism that encourages us to pause, to discover, to be present and to find beauty in the mundane."

Smith’s Urban Geodes have been spotted in Dubai, Madrid, Bali, Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Istanbul. Keep your eyes peeled for more!

Follow Smith’s work on Instagram

Via Ufunk

Artist Bedazzles Forgotten City Spaces And Invites You To Join In

Artist Bedazzles Forgotten City Spaces And Invites You To Join In

Source: http://sobadsogood.com/

One Word We Need to Stop Saying So Often & Why

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The Oxford English Dictionary has entries for over 170,000 words currently in use. We use each of these words, some more often than others, to communicate thoughts, ideas, feelings, emotions, and so much more on a daily basis.

While many of us can come up with several unlisted words we’d probably benefit from using less often, there is one legitimate word that I believe to be far more detrimental. This word can not only be found within the pages of every English dictionary, but it is also something most of us use daily, even within casual conversation.

The common word that I believe we need to stop saying so often is later.

I’m not suggesting we eradicate the word entirely from our vocabulary, but I am encouraging us all to become aware of when we are using it, and how often.

Later Disempowers the Present Moment

While it is undoubtedly impossible for us to do everything that we need to accomplish right now, we rarely use the term to express that reality. Instead, we use it to justify not doing things that we are fully capable of doing, simply because we’re too lazy to do them now.

We all know the garbage won’t take itself out and job applications won’t send themselves, but still we opt not to deal with it now. While much of what we regularly cast aside might seem harmless, the repeated choice to save unpleasant tasks for a later date can take a toll on your overall approach to life.

Before you know it, you’re passing up golden opportunities to drastically change your life for the better simply because you’ve become so accustomed to putting things off.

Later Feeds Our Addiction to Instant Gratification

We live in a world largely obsessed with seeking out and attaining instant gratification. We cheat on our partners, quit on diets, and binge watch shows not solely because, but often largely fuelled by, our need to get something desirable in the now.

One of the biggest reasons we use the word later as often as we do is that it provides us the instant gratification of not having to do something right now. While taking action may also be tied to gratification, it’s our future selves who will receive it, not us right now, which for many of us isn’t as enticing.

I think most of us can agree that all of the best things in our lives thus far took time to build and come together, so perhaps it’s time we ensure our lingo aligns with that knowing.

Later Is the #1 Cause of Regret

One of the most powerfully motivating thoughts I regularly turn to is something that I learned within the book The Tools: 5 Tools to Help You Find Courage, Creativity, and Willpower. It encourages readers to imagine themselves on their deathbed while asking what that person would say to you right now.

While their advice may be to enjoy your youth (no matter how old you currently are) and to cherish the time that you have with loved ones, there is no way they would ever tell you to succumb to laziness. No matter how much we accomplish in life, we are bound to always have been capable of more, so let that inspire you to stop putting off the things that are important to you.

As I mentioned before, the purpose of this article is not to fully eliminate the word later from your lexicon (nor is it to make us into machines that never relax), but to instead encourage you to become more mindful of the power of language and how you use it. For the next little while, treat the word later as you would a curse word around children.

Take note of how and when you are using it. If it ever falls under one of the above mentioned uses, challenge yourself to do the opposite to prevent yourself from continuing to form a behaviour best avoided.

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