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Have You Ever Heard of Vitamin B17? It’s One of The Biggest Cover-Ups In The History of Cancer

It has become increasingly apparent in recent years that a number of alternative cancer treatments exist that have proven to either eradicate cancer cells on their own or improve the efficacy of traditional treatments like chemotherapy and radiation. Many of these alternative treatments do not get the recognition they deserve from either mainstream media or mainstream medicine. In fact, in many states, alternative cancer treatments have been banned or made illegal and, according to the law, one can even be forced to undergo chemotherapy against one’s will. It is important to note, however, that choosing a different method does require you to do a lot of research, because there is very little funding, or merit, allotted to their study. The cancer industry does not want to look at these alternative methods and spends very little of their funds informing people about preventative medicine. In fact, one particular vitamin that is believed to be extremely beneficial in fighting cancer cells has actually been banned by the FDA and is illegal for treatment in the United States, and that is Laetrile.

Laetrile contains one of the greatest concentrations of Vitamin B17 on the planet, and it can be found in the often-overlooked seed of a popular fruit: the apricot. Apricot seeds reside beneath the hard pit inside the apricot, and few people know they are both edible and delicious, or that they contain a cancer-fighting agent called amygdalin within.

Amygdalin contains glucose, benzaldehyde, and cyanide, and it is the latter which is believed to be the active cancer-fighting ingredient of Laetrile. It is important to note, however, that cyanide is toxic to all cells, which makes the overall toxicity of Laetrile a concern. Yet studies suggest Laetrile is more toxic to cancer cells than to normal cells. After all, your chances of getting cyanide poisoning from apple seeds or almonds are extremely slim, and we mustn’t forget that cancer is toxic to begin with. (And the last time I checked, so are chemotherapy and radiation.)

You May Be Asking the Following Question

Question: “If B17 is so powerful and helpful for cancer elimination, then why is it not prescribed by modern physicians as a treatment?”

Simple Answer: “A control for cancer is known, and it comes from nature, but it is not widely available to the public because it cannot be patented, and therefore is not commercially attractive to the pharmaceutical industry.”

— G. Edward Griffin.

Dr. Sugiura’s Research

Dr. Kanematsu Suigura spent the majority of his career at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and has authored more than 250 papers; he has also received numerous awards, one of which included the highest honours from the Japan Medical Association for outstanding contributions in cancer research. He specifically studied Laetrile and , through his research, discovered it helped prevent malignant lung tumours in laboratory mice. In control groups that received only plain saline, the lung tumours spread to between 80 and 90% of the mice, but in those given Laetrile, the tumours only spread to between 10 and 20%.

And Now for the Cover-Up

By 1974, findings for Laetrile’s cancer fighting properties were so positive that the Sloan Kettering Cancer Center had signed off on clinical trials — but then everything changed. The center started to get other scientists to perform the experiments involving Laetrile and whenever an experiment showed the possibility of a positive outcome, the research was scrapped. Other scientists working at Sloan Kettering who had previously been on board with the cancer-fighting properties of Laetrile started to characterize these studies, and Sugiura himself, as fraudulent, even though nothing had changed scientifically to negate Sugiura’s findings.

Ralph Moss, a friend and colleague of Dr. Sugiura’s, knew of Suguira’s findings, and when things started to go downhill, Moss found himself stuck in a moral dilemma: He could lie to support his employer, Sloan Kettering, or tell the truth about Laetrile and sacrifice his job. In the end, Moss chose to tell the truth and came clean at a press conference held in July 1977. This ended up being his final day as an employee of the Sloan Kettering foundation.

According to Ralph Moss, the Laetrile cover-up really only makes sense when viewed through the lens of “the politics of cancer.” According to Moss, “The people on Sloan Kettering’s Board of Directors were a ‘Who’s Who’ of investors in petrochemical and other polluting industries. In other words, the hospital was being run by people who made their wealth by investing in the worst cancer-causing things on the planet.”

This is only part of the story. To read the whole thing, click here.

More Information About Laetrile’s Cancer Fighting Properties

Even though Laetrile is not an FDA-approved cancer treatment, there are doctors who are choosing to use it ‘illegally,’ like John A. Richardson. He has been treating cancer patients at his clinic in San Francisco, California, and has seen much greater success with it compared to traditional methods of treatment. His numerous success stories are documented in his book Laetrile Case Histories: The Richardson Cancer Clinic Experience.

The FDA considers Laetrile an unapproved form of cancer treatment and it is illegal for a practitioner to administer it. As a result of these regulations, you cannot buy Laetrile in the United States, although you can buy Vitamin B17/amygdalin in supplement form. Apricots themselves are not illegal, of course, so you can always gather their seeds on your own, though this is immensely time consuming. If you do choose this course of action, be aware that you are doing it at your own discretion. Because I am not a doctor and cannot give out medical advice, I highly suggest you find a doctor who practices alternative medicine and who can best direct you on how to properly use this treatment.

Here’s to the truth and health!

Much Love



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(*Old Article) Dad Knew Exactly What To Say To His Son When He Asked For A Mermaid Doll

Mikki Willis is a great dude. He’s the founder of Elevate films, and I remember meeting him over a Skype call while I was Vancouver as we were having a big brainstorm session with the group over at Unify for our upcoming newsroom.

When I saw this video pop up on social media and saw Mikki’s face, I knew it was going to be good. Sure enough, it contained an awesomely switched on message in a cute and comical video. A message not only parents should hear, but the whole world, given the power behind its meaning

Mikki and his son Azai went to the toy store to get a new toy for Azai’s birthday. While at the store, his son asks to get a mermaid doll. Mikki ends up posing this question to the audience: “Now, how do you think a dad feels when his son wants to get this?

Here’s his answer:

Gender Stereotyping

There’s something happening in our world that I find to be very inspiring. There is a shift in what we define as masculine and feminine taking place that’s really bringing into focus how arbitrary gender norms can be. When you think about it, we often hear in casual conversation blanket statements about what men do or don’t do, and what women do or don’t do, and they’re presented as self-evident observations. “Real men” don’t cry and “real women” take care of their appearance, or have curves, and so forth. Then we see these statements begin to affect people’s entire lives, often without them being aware of it. Suddenly we are acting and living according to how others tell us we should be — what clothes to wear, how to look, how to express ourselves, what music to listen to, what toys to play with, and on it goes.

Our lives become a manufactured product of our culture’s biases, and that includes how we should act based on our gender. And of course, all of this starts at a young age, not only because of what we see and hear but because our parents have been “trained” in gender norms too, unwittingly passing on that training to their children. Mikki’s response to his kid was so powerful because he allowed his child to choose his own path.

“You have my promise forever, to love you and accept you no matter what life you choose!”

The World Is Changing

I’ve always been very passionate about the idea of not putting ourselves in a box based on our gender. Whether it be a male getting ripped on for being emotional or crying, or a female who’s teased for being more interested in sports and ‘rugged’ activities, don’t you find it incredibly limiting to think we are supposed to gravitate toward certain things based solely on our gender?

Interestingly, about a month ago, Target announced it was going to begin phasing out boy-girl references throughout its stores in sections where “suggesting products by gender is unnecessary,” such as toys, kids’ bedding, and entertainment.

Melissa Atkins Wardy, a children’s retail expert and business owner, told Upworthy in an interview: “There is no ‘boy side’ or ‘girl side’ to childhood… why would we tell a kid they can’t like cars or pirates or fairies or pink? Go for it, kid.”

I believe this is a great example of how our world is changing and how our perspectives are shifting. It’s gotten big enough that stores are now strategizing differently and more and more parents are allowing their kids to choose whatever life they wish. These are powerful signs of changing times.


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why wanderlust and not wanderlove? what are u gonna visit the great pyramids and start fucking them

Faking The Moon Landing Isn’t The Conspiracy, It’s What Really Happened When We Got There

Did we really go to the moon? Yes, we definitely did. However, our research shows that many of the photos and video footage were faked.

“There are great ideas undiscovered, breakthroughs available to those who can remove one of truth’s protective layers. There are places to go beyond belief.”

– Neil Armstrong (source)

It wasn’t long ago that the Russian government called for an international investigation into the U.S. moon landings regarding missing samples and photos not released to the public. This created a new wave of interest into what really happened when the U.S. went up there, and led some to question if they even went there at all. The topic is filled with a number of interesting facts and statements from credible people that make one thing abundantly clear: Something fishy is happening on the moon, and we’re not being told about it.

This uncertainty has been made apparent by various sources, which include multiple Apollo astronauts, academics, and high-ranking military whistleblowers, not to mention official photos taken by NASA. According to Bob Dean, a United States Army Command Sergeant Major who also served at the Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE) of NATO as an intelligence analyst, more footage exists, erased and hidden all these years, which we have never been told about:

Ladies and gentlemen, my government, NASA, which many of us in the United States say stands for Never A Straight Answer, proceeded to erase 40 rolls of film of the Apollo Program — the flight to the Moon, the flight around the Moon, the landings on the Moon, the walking guys here and there. They erased, for Christ’s sake, 40 rolls of film of those events. Now we’re talking about several thousand individual frames that were taken that the so-called authorities determined that you did not have a right to see. Oh, they were ‘disruptive,’ ‘socially unacceptable,’ ‘politically unacceptable.’ I’ve become furious. I’m a retired Command Sergeant Major. I was never famous for having a lot of patience. 

We will get into more intriguing facts later in the article. More points will be made about why so many people are starting to wonder if there is, or was, an alien presence on the moon. These points make it easier to consider the lore that surrounds the moon landing. Perhaps one of the most interesting points is what Neil Armstrong communicated to Houston when we landed on the moon.

According to multiple sources, after landing, the Apollo astronauts transmitted that they were being watched by enormous extraterrestrial vehicles.

Where Does This Claim Come From?

One source is Dr. Steven Greer, founder of The Disclosure Project and The Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence (CSETI). Greer was responsible for bringing forth high level military whistleblowers from all ranks to testify about the UFO/extraterrestrial phenomenon. He’s also had high level meetings within the Pentagon about this issue, which was verified by Apollo 14 astronaut and 6th man to walk on the moon, Dr. Edgar Mitchell, in Greer’s film Sirius Disclosure.

Edgar is one of multiple NASA astronauts who have made some eye-opening comments about the extraterrestrial presence.

According to Greer, from a blog post a couple years ago (and if this link doesn’t work, you can check out a video of him speaking about the experience here):

Close friends and very close family members of both Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin have separately told me that indeed there were numerous, large UFOs around the crater where the Lunar Module landed and that these were seen by both Armstrong and Aldrin. I have also spoken to military officers that have seen the footage of this event- but it has never been made public. One close family member of Buzz Aldrin told me “It is not my place to out Buzz on this- someday if he can speak about it, he will…

Neil Armstrong became somewhat of a recluse after the moon landing, and rarely spoke of the historic event. His friends and family have told me that this is because he was a man of such integrity that he simply did not want to be put in a position to lie to the public about such a momentous encounter. How tragic that our heroes have been placed in this untenable situation!

When we were organizing The Disclosure Project a few years ago, I asked one of Neil Armstrong’s friends if Armstrong would come to Washington to brief members of Congress at the 1997 Congressional briefing we organized in April of that year. I was told that Armstrong wished he could –but that if he spoke about what really happened during the moon landing, that Neil Armstrong, his wife, and children would all be killed. It was put to me this bluntly.

Another source is former NASA employee Ken Johnston. Johnston was a Boeing engineer and a former fighter-jock and test pilot for Grumman Aerospace. He was also a marine and an F-4 pilot, as well as a NASA employee, working as the chief Lunar Module test pilot at the Manned Spacecraft Center in Houston. According to James Oberg, a U.S. space journalist, UFO skeptic, and space historian, “Johnston seems to be a sweet human being who did honorable service to his country in the military and in the Apollo program.”

Above is a picture of him wearing his gear, taken from a documentary in which he appeared that also featured Buzz Aldrin and other notable NASA colleagues. In the documentary, he reveals: “While Neil and Buzz were on the Lunar surface, Neil switched to the medical channel, and spoke directly with the chief medical officer saying, they’re here, they’re parked on the side of the crater, they’re watching us.” (Source: 34 second mark)

Johnston is referring to a story put out by former NASA employee Otto Bender. According to Dr. Michael Salla, PhD., on a post written on his website, Bender confirmed that HAM radio operators had intercepted these VHF signals that were transmitted from Apollo 11, the ones that were kept from the public.

Apparently, this is how it went:

Mission Control: What’s there ? Mission Control calling Apollo 11.

Apollo 11:  These babies are huge, sir … enormous….Oh, God, you wouldn’t believe it! I’m telling you there are other space craft out there… lined up on the far side of the crater edge… they’re on the moon watching us.

To the right you will see a picture of William Tompkins and Admiral Larry Marsh. As a teenager Tompkins had an eye for detail and loved to create Navy ship and submarine models. The Navy took interest in his capabilities and recruited him to do work on advanced technology projects. Recently, he has come forward with claims, as many others have, about clandestine Black Budget operation programs.

According to Tompkins:

The Landing Module (LEM) actually impacted the Moon surface in the Sea of Tranquility Crater, which had tremendous size vehicles parked around part of its rim. When astronaut Neil Armstrong made that First Step for Man on the Moon he looked up to the edge of the crater and said to mission control: “There are other ships here, they are enormous. The public did not hear that statement or see the massive alien starships. Armstrong panned his camera in a 360 degree motional all around the crater and the CIA then classified the information as way above top secret.

Another source for this story comes from Timothy Good, one of the world’s leading UFO researchers, who has lectured at universities, schools, and many organizations, including the Institute of Medical Laboratory Sciences, the Royal Canadian Military Institute, the Royal Geographical Society, the Royal Naval Air Reserve Branch, the House of Lords All-Party UFO Study Group, and the Oxford and Cambridge Union societies.

He says that a former member of MI6 revealed her conversation with Neil Armstrong at a NASA conference, when he confirmed there were “other” spacecraft on the Moon when Apollo 11 landed in 1969. Armstrong also confirmed the CIA was behind the coverup. He also goes into more detail about it in this 2013 lecture.

So you see, this story has many different sides to it, and given all of the information that’s now available in the public domain regarding UFOs and extraterrestrial life, it’s really not hard to believe, especially when we already have some compelling information about the moon.

Why the Above Story Could Very Well Be True

Maurice Chatelain, whose expertise allowed him to invent radio equipment used to go to the moon (here is an example of one of his twelve patents), has revealed that “at no time when the astronauts were in space were they alone. They were under constant surveillance by UFOs.”

This statement has been packed up by several astronauts, one of them being Dr. Edgar Mitchell, the 6th man to walk on the moon: “Yes there have been crashed craft, and bodies recovered. . . . We are not alone in the universe, they have been coming here for a long time. I happen to be privileged enough to be in on the fact that we have been visited on this planet, and the UFO phenomenon is real.” (source) (source) (source)

It’s not only agency astronauts, but agency insiders as well. For example, Dr. John Brandenburg, the Deputy Manager of the Clementine Mission to the Moon, which was part of a joint space project between the Ballistic Missile Defence Organization (BMDO) and NASA, has also made some fascinating revelations. The mission discovered water at the Moon’s poles in 1994 (Source: page 16 of 18)(source)(source). But, according to Brandenburg, the Clementine Mission had an ulterior agenda:

[The Clementine Mission was] a photo reconnaissance mission basically to check out if someone was building bases on the moon that we didn’t know about. Were they expanding they expanding them? . . . Of all the pictures I’ve seen from the moon that show possible structures, the most impressive is a picture of a miles wide recto-linear structure. This looked unmistakably artificial, and it shouldn’t be there. As somebody in the space defence community, I look on any such structure on the moon with great concern because it isn’t ours, there’s no way we could have built such a thing. It means someone else is up there.

George Leonard, a NASA scientist and photo analyst, has obtained a number of official NASA photographs of the Moon, which he published in his book Somebody Else Is On The Moon. Although the photos are small and their resolution poor, they show details of original, massive prints. Far more compelling than these photos, then, are his verified NASA credentials and his statements about what was found on the Moon. And he’s not the only one with a credible background trying to tell the world the truth about the Moon and the photos that were taken from the Apollo missions.

Dr. Norman Bergrun, a mechanical engineer who worked for Ames Research Laboratory, NACA (National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics), and Lockheed Missiles and Space Company, now known as Lockheed Martin, has accused the agency of “garbling” photos the agency does not want the public to see. He has also stated there are a number of large UFOs out there. You can view some of his publications for NASA, where he worked for more than a decade, here, and watch that interview here.

There are also studies to consider. Members of the Society For Planetary SETI Research (SPSR) have recently published a paper in the Journal of Space Exploration about certain features on the far side of the moon that appear in the crater Paracelsus C. Titled “Image Analysis of Unusual Structures on the Far Side of the Moon in the Crater Paracelsus C,” it argues that these features might be artificial in origin, meaning someone other than a human being built them and put them there. You can read more about that here.

“Shortly after I retired from the Air-Force, and I still was maintaining contacts with friends and associates at the various bases and one Col Parker in the Air Defence Command, the Space Command . . . mentioned an incident which I later confirmed. A spacecraft went to the rescue of Apollo 13, and they accompanied Apollo 13 on their voyage around the moon and back to Earth, and on two occasions they thought they might have to transfer the crew to their spacecraft. But they saw them safely back to the Earth.”

The quote above comes from Colonel Ross Dedrickson, who, in the 1950s, was responsible for maintaining the inventory of the nuclear weapon stockpile for the AEC and accompanying security teams checking out the security of the weapons, among many other duties throughout his career. It was taken from the interview below.

He is one of hundreds of military whistleblowers to give some very interesting testimony.

Contrary to popular belief, reports of artificial structures on the moon are both common and persistent. Among the first were from George Leonard’s 1976 book, Somebody Else is on the Moon, and Fred Steckling’s 1981 book, We Discovered Alien Bases on The Moon.



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These 3D Printed Rings Let You Sport Your Favorite LEGO Brick As Jewelry

These 3D Printed Rings Let You Sport Your Favorite LEGO Brick As Jewelry

What happens when those LEGO nerds of the 90s grow up and learn about 3D printing? They start custom building all the little pieces LEGO doesn’t officially offer.

Take this customizable ring for example. Invented by HintLab, the ring places LEGO bricks on a silver band, making it easy to switch out the brick piece to match your mood.

"We hope our rings can be a kind reminder to keep your inner-child run and roam free," HintLab says of the project,  "Because after all, the most sophisticated people we know – inside they are all children."

Check out the HintLab shop to find the perfect fit.

Because after all, the most sophisticated people we know – inside they
are all children.

Via Trend Hunter

These 3D Printed Rings Let You Sport Your Favorite LEGO Brick As Jewelry

These 3D Printed Rings Let You Sport Your Favorite LEGO Brick As Jewelry


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Warm Up Your Ambience With These Hand-Felted Wool Lamps

Warm Up Your Ambience With These Hand-Felted Wool Lamps

These felted wool lamps by Ekaterina Galera add warm ambiance and creative flair to any space!

These unique lamps are handmade in France from 100% natural merino wool. They’re battery powered and give off a warm, golden light.

Ekaterina Galera’s lamp collection includes whimsical options like cloud, paper bag, flower garland, and moon inspired designs. Whether you’re preparing for a holiday or just trying to spruce up your space, you really can’t go wrong with one of these cozy lamps.

See the whole collection on Etsy here.

Via So Super Awesome

Warm Up Your Ambience With These Hand-Felted Wool Lamps

Warm Up Your Ambience With These Hand-Felted Wool Lamps


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Elegant, Baroque-Style Portraits That Highlight The Beauty Of Black Girl’s Hair

Elegant, Baroque-Style Portraits That Highlight The Beauty Of Black Girl’s Hair

AfroArt is a series by Creative Soul Photography that showcases the beauty and versatility of afro hair.

Creative Soul is a photography duo made up of husband and wife Regis and Kahran. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, the team specializes in creative storytelling through their imaginative photography.

In this series, the team nods to Baroque-era portraiture to capture the beauty of young black girls.

We feel that it is so important for kids of color to be able to see
positive images that look like them in the media.

Stories like this are important to show so that we can shatter the
current standards of beauty.

"We feel that it is so important for kids of color to be able to see positive images that look like them in the media," they say. "Unfortunately the lack of diversity often plays into the stereotypes that they are not “good enough” and often forces kids to have low self-esteem."

"We try to combat these stereotypes in our photography by showing diverse imagery of kids who love the skin they’re in, their own natural curls and their culture. Stories like this are important to show so that we can shatter the current standards of beauty."

Follow Creative Soul Photography on Instagram for more of their incredible portraits.

Via My Modern Met

Elegant, Baroque-Style Portraits That Highlight The Beauty Of Black Girl’s Hair

Elegant, Baroque-Style Portraits That Highlight The Beauty Of Black Girl’s Hair


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Poetic Photos Of Egypt’s Forgotten Palaces

Poetic Photos Of Egypt’s Forgotten Palaces

Dust is a photographic tour of Egypt’s forgotten architecture.

Shot by Russian-Swedish photographer Xenia Nikolskaya, the series highlights elegant mansions and homes that look right at home in Paris. These are leftover from the building boom that swept the nation between 1860 and 1940 under colonial rule.

These homes were vacated in the 1960s after a new regime enacted a disastrous rent-control policy. After the owners left, most of the lavish buildings fell into disrepair.

Nikolskaya spent five years hunting down and documenting these decaying relics with poetic portraits. The spaces are lonely and surreal, eerily echoing years of past history.

You can also follow Nikolskaya on Instagram. Expect all kinds of odd and fascinating shots from her day-to-day life in Egypt including a mummy selfies.

Via Plain

Poetic Photos Of Egypt’s Forgotten Palaces

Poetic Photos Of Egypt’s Forgotten Palaces


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