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All deals are handshake deals

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The only variable is how specific you’re willing to be about who is promising what.

Specific contracts don’t completely protect you from dishonorable people. What they do is make it really clear about what it takes to do what you said you were going to do.

Start with a good agreement. But your future depends on doing agreements with good people.


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15 Interesting Facts About Justin Bieber

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Here are 15 Interesting Justin Bieber facts.

1-5 Justin Bieber Facts

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1. Justin Bieber is banned from China in order to ‘purify’ the nation. – Source

2. A Chicago High School, as a fundraiser, played Justin Bieber’s “Baby” between classes and had students pay to stop it. The campaign raised $1,000 in 3 days. – Source

3. Keyshawn Johnson chased down Justin Bieber for speeding through their gated community in a Ferrari. – Source

4. When Justin Bieber first heard ‘Call Me Maybe’ on Canadian Radio he referred Carly Rae Jepson to his manager which allowed her to procure an American recording deal and access to worldwide distribution. Thus, the song to this date has sold between 10-15 million copies worldwide. – Source

5. Justin Bieber’s mom almost passed up the opportunity for him to record his first album because the agent that discovered him was Jewish. She said “God, I gave him to you. You could send me a Christian man, a Christian label! God, you don’t want this Jewish kid to be Justin’s man, do you?” – Source

6-10 Justin Bieber Facts

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6. Ed Sheeran wrote “Love Yourself” but decided it wouldn’t fit his album, so he gave it to Justin Bieber. – Source

7. Justin Bieber has only taken part in writing 4/23 tracks from his two released albums “My World 2.0” and “Believe”. – Source

8. Justin Bieber has the 6 lowest documentaries on IMDB (that have 400 votes or more). – Source

9. The celebrity that holds the record for most wishes granted by a recording artist is Justin Bieber. – Source

10. Justin Bieber invested in Spotify, but Spotify refuses to discuss it. – Source

11-15 Justin Bieber Facts

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11. An analysis of Justin Bieber’s Twitter followers found that around 50 percent of them are probably fake. The criteria for determining if an account was fake included whether it was used to tweet phrases such as “diet,” “make money” and “work from home.” – Source

12. Justin Bieber’s mom was pressured to get an abortion while pregnant with him. – Source

13. The music of the Slo-Mo drug scene in Dredd is a Justin Bieber song slowed 800 times. – Source

14. Justin Bieber’s first album, My World is not his first studio album, but his first Extended Play. – Source

15. Justin Bieber delayed the start of his Jan. 7, 2013 concert in Salt Lake City, Utah, because he was visiting a 7-year-old girl with leukemia in the hospital. – Source

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Synchronization of Autonomic Nervous System Rhythms With Geomagnetic Activity Found In Human Subjects

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Over the past few years, a number of publications have emerged from scientists and researchers all over the world regarding the human magnetic field. Not only have they been studying the human magnetic field, they’ve also been studying the magnetic field of the planet, and how all these fields, including our own, can impact ourselves and the people around us. It’s similar to quantum entanglement, in that both show that everybody and every living thing is “connected” in ways we have yet to fully understand.

Leading the charge are the brilliant scientists over at the HearthMath Institute. An internationally recognized nonprofit research and education organization, it dedicates itself to helping people reduce stress, self-regulate emotions, and build energy and resilience for healthy, happy lives.

A large portion of their research has investigated heart and brain interaction. Researchers have examined how the heart and brain communicate with each other and how that affects our consciousness and the way in which we perceive our world. For example, when a person is feeling really positive emotions like gratitude, love, or appreciation, the heart beats out a certain message. Because the heart beats out the largest electromagnetic field produced in the body, it can yield significant data for researchers. You can read more about that here.

Now, the Institute has published new research which suggests that daily autonomic nervous system activity not only responds to changes in solar and geomagnetic activity, but also synchronizes with the time-varying magnetic fields associated with geomatic field-line resonances and Schumann resonances.

In 1952, German physicist and professor W.O. Schumann of the Technical University of Munich began attempting to answer whether or not the Earth itself has a frequency — a pulse. His assumption about the existence of this frequency came from his understanding that when a sphere exists inside of another sphere, an electrical tension is created. Since the negatively charged Earth exists inside the positively charged ionosphere, there must be tension between the two, giving the Earth a specific frequency. Following his assumptions, through a series of calculations he was able to land upon a frequency he believed was the pulse of the Earth. This frequency was 10hz.

hertzIt wasn’t until 1954 that Schumann teamed up with another scientist, Herbert König, and confirmed that the resonance of the Earth maintained a frequency of 7.83 Hz. This discovery was later tested out by several scientists and confirmed. Since then, the Schumann Resonance has been the accepted term to describe or measure the pulse or heartbeat of the earth.

You can read more about Schumann Resonance here.

“To follow up and confirm these profound findings, an international study with 104 participants in five countries was conducted. The preliminary findings have confirmed and extended the results of the first study and they indicate humanity’s heart rhythms are synchronized on a global scale. We are synchronized not only with each other, but also with the earth’s energetic systems.” (source)

The study was published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, and its results are consistent with other studies showing that changes in solar and geomagnetic activity correlate with changes in the human nervous system activity.

It’s long been known that all biological systems on Earth are exposed to invisible magnetic fields of all kinds, and at all range of frequencies, and that these fields can affect every cell and circuit to a greater or lesser degree. A number of physiological rhythms, as the study points out, have been shown to be synchronized with solar and geomagnetic activity. (source)(source)(source)(source)(source)(source)

As the study points out:

Human regulatory systems are designed to adapt to daily and seasonal climatic and geomagnetic variations; however, sharp changes in solar and geomagnetic activity and geomagnetic storms can stress these regulatory systems, resulting in alterations in melatonin/serotonin balance, blood pressure, immune system, reproductive, cardiac, and neurological processes. Disturbed geomagnetic activity is associated with the intensification of existing diseases, significant increases in myocardial infarction incidence and death, changes in blood flow, aggregation, and coagulation, increased blood pressure, cardiac arrhythmias, and seizures in epileptics.

Fascinating, isn’t it? it makes one wonder just how much we know about our health and what influences it.

The study outlines how, during periods of increased solar activity, which peaks every 10.5 to 11 years, “the sun emits increased ultraviolet (UV) energy and solar radio flub, which is measured by the 2.8 GHz signal” and “although the details of the physiological mechanisms in humans and animals are not yet fully understood, it is apparent that solar and magnetic influences affect a wide range of human health and behavioral processes, with the cardiovascular and nervous systems being the most clearly affected.”

The study goes on to outline several examples where the human autonomic nervous system seems to be responding to this type of activity.

For this specific study, ten healthy individuals from the ages of 34 to 65 years old participated, with an average age of 53. Their Heart Rate Variability (HRV) was recorded for 31 consecutive days. To see the methods and results, as well as the statistical analysis, limitations, and more, please refer to the actual study.

Based on their results, the authors concluded:

Overall, the study suggests that daily autonomic nervous system activity not only responds to changes in solar and geomagnetic activity, but is synchronized with the time-varying magnetic fields associated with geomagnetic field-line resonances and Schumann resonances. A likely explanation for how solar and geomagnetic fields can influence human nervous system activity is through a resonant coupling between our nervous systems and geomagnetic frequencies (Alfvén waves), or ultra low frequency standing waves in the earth-ionosphere resonant cavity (Schumann resonances) that overlap with physiological rhythms.

Findings like these, and many more, are exactly why the HeartMath institute began what’s known as the Global Coherence Initiative (GCI).

Others are working on identifying how these fields can be sensed.

A recent study published by Kirschvink in the journal Nature Communications suggests that a protein in the human retina, when placed into fruit flies, has the ability to detect magnetic fields. The research claims that it can serve as a magneto sensor, but it’s unknown whether or not humans use it in this way as well. (source)

The Global Coherence Initiative

The GCI in an international cooperative effort to help activate the heart of humanity and facilitate a shift in global consciousness. Its primary focus is to invite people to participate by actively adding more heart-coherent love, care, and compassion into the planetary field. It also aims to scientifically research how we are all energetically connected with each other and the planet, and how we can utilize this interconnectivity to raise our personal vibration to assist in creating a better world.

The hypotheses of the researchers and scientists behind this process are as follows:

  • The Earth’s magnetic fields are a carrier of biologically relevant information that connects all living systems
  • Every person affects this global information field. Large numbers of people creating heart-coherent states of love, appreciation, care, and compassion can generate a more coherent field environment that benefits others and helps off-set the current planetary discord and incoherence
  • There is a feedback loop between human beings and Earth’s energetic/magnetic systems
  • Earth has several sources of magnetic fields that affect us all. Two of them are the geomagnetic field that emanates from the core of the Earth, and the fields that exist between Earth and the ionosphere. These fields surround the entire planet and act as protective shields blocking out the harmful effects of solar radiation, cosmic rays, sand, and other forms of space weather. Without these fields, ice as we know it could not exist on Earth. They are part of the dynamic ecosystem of our planet.
  • The Earth and ionosphere generate frequencies that range from 0.01 hertz to 300 hertz, some of which are in the exact same frequency range as the one happening in our brain, cardiovascular system, and autonomic nervous system. This fact is one way to explain how fluctuations in the Earth’s and Sun’s magnetic fields can influence us. Changes in these fields have also been shown to affect our brain waves, heart rhythms, memory, athletics performance, and overall halth.Changes in the Earth’s fields from extreme solar activity have been linked to some of humanity’s greatest creations of art, as well as some of its most tragic events. (source)We know how these fields affect us, but what about how we affect these fields? That’s the real question here. GCI scientists believe that because brainwave and heart rhythm frequencies overlap the Earth’s field resonance, we are not just receivers of biologically relevant information, but also feed information into the global field, thus creating a feedback loop with the Earth’s magnetic fields:

    Research is indicating that human emotions and consciousness encode information into the geomagnetic field and this encoded information is distributed globally. The Earth’s magnetic fields act as carrier waves for this information which influences all living systems and the collective consciousness. (source)

    This research, which is still in its infancy, has great ramifications. It will further push along the fact that our attitudes, emotions, and intentions actually matter, a lot, and that these factors within the realm of non-material science can affect all life on Earth. Coherent, cooperative intention could impact global events and improve the quality of life on Earth. Practicing love, gratitude, and appreciation, and bettering ourselves as individuals, are just a few of many action steps we can take toward changing our planet for the better.

    So What?

    This research further reinforces the fact that we have a special kind of relationship with every living system around us, an energetic relationship where processes as described above affect our nervous system, health, emotions, and mood.  Previous research on this topic shows just how important our emotions could be with regards to coding information into this field. Positive emotions can uplift our nervous system, while negative emotions can dampen it.

    The best way, for now, to work with this information and incorporate it into our daily lives is through self observation.

    So, the next time you feel upset, angry, or frustrated, try observing yourself and how you react. It’s great practice to identify and neutralize your buttons so they cannot be pushed, and work on your personal development. You have to do whatever you can to feel good, which could include exercise, eating healthy, minimizing electronics usage, spending time with friends and animals, and more. You could practice being less judgemental, and work on your intentions by figuring out if they are coming from a  ‘good’ place. You could be more grateful, you could help others, and you could treat others how they want to be treated.

    There are a number of tools you could use, like meditation, for example, to assist you with these action steps. The bottom line is, if you are at peace with yourself, and have control over your emotions, you are helping the planet and others around you. If you are constantly angry, harming others, or have negative intentions, you could be doing the exact opposite.

    To further your research on this topic, an excellent place to start is the at the Institute of HeartMath. The Institute of HeartMath is an internationally recognized nonprofit research and education organization dedicated to helping people reduce stress, self-regulate emotions, and build energy and resilience for healthy, happy lives.

    Collective Evolution III, The Shift

    Some of what is discussed above is also covered in our third documentary that was released three years ago. The Collective Evolution III is a powerful documentary that explores a revolutionary shift affecting every aspect of our planet. As the shift hits the fan, people are becoming more aware of the control structures that prevent us from experiencing our full potential. CE3 uses a different level of consciousness and scientific facts to bring clarity about the shift while dispelling myths about our true nature. It offers practical steps that we can implement right now to transition out of survival mode and into our more natural state of peace and co-operation . CE3 includes fascinating interviews with revolutionary speakers and people who are already opting out of the current socioeconomic system. The film examines hidden technologies and exciting alternatives for a bright limitless future. This is the most exciting time in the history of our world.

    So if you’re interested, you can watch it below.

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In 2016 Environmental Activists Were Murdered In Record Numbers

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To be clear, we do not want this article to encourage you to shy away from standing up for what you believe in. If we’re not willing to take action in this world, how will we ever create a brighter tomorrow? It is through leading by example that we set the stage for others to step up as well, and inspire them to truly become the change.

That being said, it’s no secret that, on occasion, activism can result in violence. Police brutality and aggression from authority are very real problems, and even if we’re coming from a place of peace, those in power may view some forms of activism as a threat to the establishment. We have seen this play out in many different ways over the past few years in North America: journalists, writers, and lawyers with ties to the Clintons have wound up dead, and many civilians were injured while protesting against the Dakota Access Pipeline.

In this article, we’ll be focusing mainly on the latter example. Of course, it’s not just in association with the DAPL, as environmental protectors all over the world are being threatened or killed for their bravery. According to a new report by Global Witness, 2016 represented the year in which the most activists were murdered to date simply for taking a stand against mining, logging, agriculture, and related projects and industries.

The picture above is of Berta Caceres, one of these many brave souls.

2016: Highest # of Murdered Environmental Activists Ever

Nearly four people every week were killed for defending their homes or the environment in 2016. Keep in mind that that’s obviously not the only tactic used against environmental protectors; other strategies include death threats, sexual assault, arrests, blackmail, and attacks on family members.

The highest number of murders occurred in Brazil, with Colombia at a close second and the Philippines at third. The total number of known murders of environmental activists throughout 24 countries was 200, but who knows how many went unreported. Global Witness estimated that the actual numbers were likely dramatically higher than those recorded in the report. Approximately 40% of those murdered were Indigenous.

One of the greatest increases from last year’s report was the number of murders of environmental activists based in India. The country experienced a 300% increase from last year, as India had 16 deaths in 2016 alone. The report predicts that this was likely as a result of the recent increase in police brutality and state suppression of activists, as many were murdered at public protest events.

Though many of these murders went unsolved, the vast majority were killed by either police/military forces or hitmen. The irony is that mainstream media often paints the victims as the criminals for having stepped up and fought these companies in the first place. For many of us who admire and respect the environment, this may seem backwards. Why do we have to defend the very land and resources we need to survive?

“Governments and business are failing to tackle the main root cause of the attacks: the imposition of projects on communities without their free, prior and informed consent,” the report concludes. “Protest is often the only recourse left to communities exercising their right to have a say about the use of their land and natural resources, putting them on a collision course with those seeking profit at any cost.”

If our air is polluted and our water is dirty, we literally cannot survive. Why is it that civilians need to explain this concept to these rich and powerful corporations? Often times, the onus is left up to the people to protect the environment, and this should be commended, not criminalized.

“These reports tell a very grim story,” Global Witness campaigner Ben Leather said in a press release. “The battle to protect the planet is rapidly intensifying and the cost can be counted in human lives. More people in more countries are being left with no option but to take a stand against the theft of their land or the trashing of their environment. Too often they are brutally silenced by political and business elites, while the investors that bankroll them do nothing.”

The following video by Global Witness highlights some of these issues:

Final Thoughts

It’s clear that we’re witnessing a shift in consciousness on this planet. More and more people are starting to realize our inherent connection to one another and everything around us, including the environment.

We will no longer sit back and watch as this planet gets destroyed. Yes, the fact that the establishment responds with force at times is unacceptable, but we cannot let this prevent us from standing up for what we believe in.

In addition, some protests and movements are fuelled and funded by the elite in order to stir up aggression, controversy, and violence amongst one another, such as the Women’s March and Black Lives Matter, but that’s another story (which you can read about in our CE article here).

At the end of the day, if you feel that something is wrong in society, don’t be afraid to question it. Educate people on the importance of protecting the environment and vote with your dollar. 


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