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Wikileaks Publishes “Spy Files Russia” Detailing Russia’s Mass Surveillance System

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Wikileaks has just published numerous documents under the heading “Spy Files Russia.” The documents suggest that Moscow uses a sophisticated state surveillance system to spy on Russian internet and cellphone users.

Ironically, this release comes after many claims made by the public and mainstream media that Wikileaks and its founder Julian Assange are influenced or controlled by Russia, as the organization has previously focused mostly on exposing U.S. secrets.

Whether this is a regime change in an attempt to refute these allegations or not, Wikileaks’ latest information dump has certainly shed some light on how little privacy Russian citizens have.

NSA Whistleblower Edward Snowden actually tweeted about it, which you can see below:

What Documents Are in the Wikileaks “Russia Spy Files”?

Wikileaks claims the files prove that a Russian software company is installing infrastructure all over Russia, thanks to governmental approval, which allows Russian state agencies to spy on citizens’ online and electronic activity. It’s no wonder Snowden tweeted about the matter, since the NSA used a similar surveillance program to spy on U.S. citizens.

The 34 Wikileaks documents, dated between 2007 and 2015, all pertain to a St. Petersburg-based company called Peter-Service, which is the alleged contractor installing the mass Russian surveillance system.

Wikileaks states:

PETER-SERVICE is uniquely placed as a surveillance partner due to the remarkable visibility their products provide into the data of Russian subscribers of mobile operators, which expose to PETER-SERVICE valuable metadata, including phone and message records, device identifiers (IMEI, MAC addresses), network identifiers (IP addresses), cell tower information and much more. This enriched and aggregated metadata is of course of interest to Russian authorities, whose access became a core component of the system architecture.

So, what kind of data does Peter-Service have on Russian citizens? Well, it’s a bit of a “Big Brother” scenario. Wikileaks reported, “PETER-SERVICE claims to already have access to a majority of all phone call records as well as Internet traffic in Russia.” One document revealed that the company has access to specific information about your phone and your online payments if you live in Russia.

One of the systems covered in the Wikileaks dump, referred to as Traffic Data Mart, “records and monitors” IP traffic for all cell phones registered with the company.

It’s important to note that the Wikileaks documents do not actually refer to Russia’s spy agency, the FSB, whatsoever, but instead only reference “state agencies.” This could mean that law enforcement simply uses the data for legal purposes, but the documents also don’t mention what other state agencies use the data.

Some people have still been quick to criticize the released documents, claiming that, since they discuss a national system of online surveillance called System for Operative Investigative Activities (SORM) that was already known to the public, there wasn’t enough new information within the documents to make them worthwhile.

You can go through all of the documents on the Wikileaks website here.

Final Thoughts 

A lot of the claims made about Wikileaks having ties to Russia were part of the DNC/mainstream media effort to convince the public that Russia hacked the U.S. election. However, an FBI whistleblower specifically stated that it was former DNC employee Seth Rich, who was murdered, who allegedly leaked the documents to Wikileaks.

The DNC and much of the public believed that the DNC email leak published by Wikileaks was to blame for the demise of the DNC party and Hillary Clinton in the most recent U.S. election. Instead of taking responsibility for their actions, the DNC was quick to blame “Russian hackers” for sending the DNC emails to Wikileaks, when in reality they were allegedly sent from inside the DNC.

Instead of criticizing Wikileaks, perhaps we should focus on the good work the organization has done in exposing some hard truths all over the world. Though much of their publications do, in fact, relate to the U.S. government, we should be thanking them for their work, not criticizing them for not focusing on other subjects.

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One Word We Need to Stop Saying So Often & Why

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The Oxford English Dictionary has entries for over 170,000 words currently in use. We use each of these words, some more often than others, to communicate thoughts, ideas, feelings, emotions, and so much more on a daily basis.

While many of us can come up with several unlisted words we’d probably benefit from using less often, there is one legitimate word that I believe to be far more detrimental. This word can not only be found within the pages of every English dictionary, but it is also something most of us use daily, even within casual conversation.

The common word that I believe we need to stop saying so often is later.

I’m not suggesting we eradicate the word entirely from our vocabulary, but I am encouraging us all to become aware of when we are using it, and how often.

Later Disempowers the Present Moment

While it is undoubtedly impossible for us to do everything that we need to accomplish right now, we rarely use the term to express that reality. Instead, we use it to justify not doing things that we are fully capable of doing, simply because we’re too lazy to do them now.

We all know the garbage won’t take itself out and job applications won’t send themselves, but still we opt not to deal with it now. While much of what we regularly cast aside might seem harmless, the repeated choice to save unpleasant tasks for a later date can take a toll on your overall approach to life.

Before you know it, you’re passing up golden opportunities to drastically change your life for the better simply because you’ve become so accustomed to putting things off.

Later Feeds Our Addiction to Instant Gratification

We live in a world largely obsessed with seeking out and attaining instant gratification. We cheat on our partners, quit on diets, and binge watch shows not solely because, but often largely fuelled by, our need to get something desirable in the now.

One of the biggest reasons we use the word later as often as we do is that it provides us the instant gratification of not having to do something right now. While taking action may also be tied to gratification, it’s our future selves who will receive it, not us right now, which for many of us isn’t as enticing.

I think most of us can agree that all of the best things in our lives thus far took time to build and come together, so perhaps it’s time we ensure our lingo aligns with that knowing.

Later Is the #1 Cause of Regret

One of the most powerfully motivating thoughts I regularly turn to is something that I learned within the book The Tools: 5 Tools to Help You Find Courage, Creativity, and Willpower. It encourages readers to imagine themselves on their deathbed while asking what that person would say to you right now.

While their advice may be to enjoy your youth (no matter how old you currently are) and to cherish the time that you have with loved ones, there is no way they would ever tell you to succumb to laziness. No matter how much we accomplish in life, we are bound to always have been capable of more, so let that inspire you to stop putting off the things that are important to you.

As I mentioned before, the purpose of this article is not to fully eliminate the word later from your lexicon (nor is it to make us into machines that never relax), but to instead encourage you to become more mindful of the power of language and how you use it. For the next little while, treat the word later as you would a curse word around children.

Take note of how and when you are using it. If it ever falls under one of the above mentioned uses, challenge yourself to do the opposite to prevent yourself from continuing to form a behaviour best avoided.

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Binge Watching Is Harder On Baby Boomers

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It’s long been known that sitting is bad for our health. Physical exercise has been proven to be good for both physical and psychological well-being, and not just because it makes us look great. By building strength now, we’re less likely to need assistance when we’re older. Walking has a long list of benefits, including lowered blood pressure and cholesterol, reduced risk of stroke and heart attack, stronger bones, and an overall increased sense of well-being. One study even showed that doing one minute of intense exercise is equally as beneficial as doing 45 minutes. Basically, exercising, in any capacity, can save your life.

A recent study of sitting and walking ability found that prolonged sitting impacts adults between the ages of 50 to 71 years more than it does young people. The study surveyed the adults in this age range for 8-10 years and saw that those who tended to sit more and were the least active had three times the risk of difficulty walking by the end of the study compared to their more active counterparts.

Our lifestyles today make it very difficult for us to choose to be active outside of our commute to and from work. Depending on our job, we may remain sitting throughout the whole day, and for those of us who choose to relax by watching television after work, this could mean sitting for 12-14 hours a day.

Epidemiologist Loretta DiPietro of the Milken Institute School of Public Health at George Washington University warns that, as the years wear on, prolonged sitting actually reduces the ability of older people to get around on foot. The study also found that some people ended up unable to walk at all. “Young bodies may rebound from prolonged sitting with an hour at the gym,” says DiPeitro, but that seems less true in late middle age. “Sitting and watching TV for long periods, especially in the evening,” she says, “has got to be one of the most dangerous things that older people can do.”

One of the more frightening findings of this study is that it was conducted between the mid-1990s to 2005 or so, long before we had streaming access. “Before binge watching, at least when a show ended you got up and walked around,” DiPietro says. “It’s now possible to watch several hours without moving.” So imagine that. Lying down all night to sleep, waking up to get into your car to sit for however long, sitting all day at work, then in your car to get home, then in front of the TV before returning to bed.  To measure the effect of prolonged sitting on mobility, DiPeitro and her team took data from the large NIH-AARP Diet and Health Study of men and women ages 50 to 71. The participants were all healthy when the study started in 1995 and 1996.

At the beginning of the investigation, researchers monitored how many participants watched TV, exercised, or did gardening, housework, or other physical activity. This included ‘light’ physical activity like walking to get the mail or to the car. The participants who watched five or more hours of TV per day had a 65% greater risk of reporting a mobility disability at the study’s end, compared with those who watched fewer than two hours per day.

DiPietro suggests that if do you choose to sit and embark on a binge watching marathon, you should get up at least every 30 minutes. “And if you insist on staying seated during that 15 second interval between episodes,” DiPietro says, “at least stand up, march in place, jump around, kick legs — do anything to move about for at least one to two minutes.” This would be “phenomenal” to mobility.

Your health is in your hands, and choosing to be active for at least an hour each day will do wonders. A walk to the store or an impromptu jumping jacks session will not only help to relieve any muscle tension, but also help your brain to reset and break free from stress, worry, and fatigue.


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Republican Bills Will Kill Off The Endangered Species Act If They Become Law

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Since taking control of the House of Representatives in 2011, the Republicans have made an alarming 233 legislative attempts to either threaten endangered species or essentially take apart the Endangered Species Act in general. In addition, the Republicans have designed 135 other legislative amendments in an attempt to either weaken the protection for endangered species protected by the Act or dismantle the Act itself.

It’s difficult to understand how anyone could oppose the Endangered Species Act (ESA). Created to protect more vulnerable plant and animal species from dying off, it’s a small price to pay to save lives and protect the delicate balance of our ecosystem.

Yet it seems the U.S. government is attempting to systematically dismantle the ESA, with four different bills currently being formed to that effect that are anticipated to be voted on soon.

Details on the Bills That Threaten the Endangered Species Act

One of the representatives spearheading the demise of the ESA, Rob Bishop, publicly stated that he hoped to completely repeal the ESA. Bishop said outright, “I would be happy to invalidate the Endangered Species Act.”

Why are so many government officials, Republican and Democrat alike, against the ESA? Well, when a species protected under the ESA is present in an area that a big oil company hopes to mine, restrictions in the act prohibit them from doing so. In other words, the only reason most of these government officials have to attack the ESA is profit.

Realistically, the ESA will likely not be completely destroyed, because most Americans —an estimated 90% — support it. However, these bills could seriously weaken the hold the ESA has over corporations to protect these endangered species, so it’s important that they don’t come into fruition.

For example, one of the bills, H.R. 717, aims “to amend the Endangered Species Act of 1973 to require review of the economic cost of adding a species to the list of endangered species or threatened species, and for other purposes.”

This means that instead of putting the animals first, we’d be prioritizing profit. The wording also leaves us with more questions than answers. How would we determine when something is too costly, and more importantly, who would determine this? Would the oil companies set to profit from these projects have a say in it?

Personally, I’d be concerned that the mining industry would be too involved with this process, as many oil companies already have strong connections within the U.S. government, including with the head of the EPA.

Another one of the bills is H.R. 1274, which calls into question the science used to determine what species are endangered. It essentially would allow anyone to decide what is an endangered species, or why something shouldn’t be considered one.

IFL Science actually referred to this bill as “science denial 101,” so it’s easy to imagine how this bill could be misused to shift the narrative in an attempt to weaken the ESA’s protection of animals.

Final Thoughts

To be very clear, it’s not just Republicans who support some of these bills, as some Democrats have sided with them as well. Regardless of what “side” you’re on within the charade that is the U.S. political system, however, it’s safe to say that we need to put our differences aside in order to save the animals at risk here.

Putting the paperwork aside, the life of another being should never be considered less important than money. Seriously, how can you argue that a piece of paper has more value than a living creature? We are so disconnected from nature that it’s blinded us from seeing the beauty that lies outdoors. It’s time that we put down our wallets and reconnect with the environment.

This is not just a political issue, as this entire debacle has shed light on a very serious issue within our value system. Are our moral compasses that broken that they only point toward dollar signs now?


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Here’s What You Need To Know About The Connection Between Sugar & Your Mental Health

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For most of us, sugar is an essential part of our days. Think about how often you start craving ice cream, chocolate, or candy whenever you find  yourself down or stressed. For myself, despite my understanding that sugar is toxic and therefore doing my best to avoid it, I still crave a sugary treat when I am in these lowered states. We use sugar to soothe, to energize, and to reward ourselves for a job well done, often without even realizing it.

Can you relate?

Disclaimer: The reference to sugar in this article is about added sugars, not sugars that are naturally found in fruits and vegetables. 

So, Why Is This?

A study recently published in Scientific Reports found that there was a greater risk of depression among men whose diets were high in sugar.

You may be thinking that this makes sense because feeling depressed may lead to more sugar consumption rather than the other way around, but it seems as though, like many other drug addictions, this is a vicious cycle that we can easily fall into if we are not careful.

Researchers determined that, in many cases, sugar consumption actually occurred before depression, rather than being a consequence of it. An increasing number of studies have been emerging which explore the implications of diet on mental health, especially with the knowledge that up to 90% of our serotonin is produced in our gut — aptly giving the gut the name of our second brain. It has been difficult, however, to determine exactly how they are linked.

How Are Diet and Mental Health Linked?

A study conducted in 2002 monitoring the overall sugar consumption per person in six different countries — including Canada, France, Germany, Korea, New Zealand, and the United States — was able to connect the instance of sugar consumption to higher rates of major depression.

Since then, other research teams have also investigated the effect of diet on mental health. Two studies determined that eating fast foods like hamburgers, pizza, french fries, and other fried foods correlated with higher rates of depression in both children and adults.

Another study showed that female seniors from the United States with high levels of sugar in their diet also had greater rates of depression than those who consumed less sugar.

Another study determined that adults who drank unsweetened tea, compared to those who drank soft drinks, had lower rates of depression.

Does Sugar Affect Our Neurons?

Neurons are highly sensitive cells, and aren’t really designed to handle blood sugar spikes. Because of this, those suffering from diabetes are at a greater risk for neuronal damage, and scientists are now starting to understand how this can be linked directly to high blood sugar.

Researchers from the Department of Neurobiology at Huazhong University of Science and Technology in Wuhan, China, performed a study on diabetic rats and discovered that high blood glucose led to neural inflammation and damage.

This same group also discovered that even neurons grown in the laboratory showed increased inflammation when exposed to high levels of glucose.

Does Sugar Affect Our Cognitive Ability?

A review of several studies written by Margaret Morris, Ph.D., a professor of pharmacology in the School of Medical Sciences of the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia, and her team of researchers, determined that high rates of sugar consumption directly correlated with mild cognitive impairment in both seniors and children.

This group was also able to show that, after being put on a high sugar diet for just five days, laboratory rats had difficulty recognizing familiar places, a problem that went hand in hand with the inflammation and oxidative stress their brains had suffered.

Test This Theory for Yourself

Are you wondering if the sugar in your diet has been impacting your mood? Well, there is one way that you can easily find out: Limit your consumption, or even cut out all added sugars in your diet entirely. If you are a heavy consumer of sugar, then you will likely experience some detox symptoms, so it may take several weeks to see if your mood or general well-being improves after limiting or cutting out sugar altogether.

Limiting the amount of sugar you consume will benefit your physical health as well. To read more about how quitting sugar can have a positive impact on your health, check out the related CE articles below.

Much Love

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Why One Man Left His 6 Figure Salary & What He Did Instead

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Finding our truth and living it is no easy feat, especially when we continue to allow the confines of this world to dictate how we’re supposed to live. But it is possible, and there are many of us who walk this Earth who’ve proven that. We all have our own personal stories about the moment we awakened and the many moments following that continued to solidify our beliefs in united consciousness.

The more of us who choose to live our full potential, the more we actually inspire others to do the same and thereby uplift the collective consciousness. One example of this is the story of Attila Akat.

Attila grew up in Germany and moved to the U.S. at the age of 14. He met his wife Alexandra in Holland in 1991 and married her in 1996. In 1991 he found himself excelling in his job and was quickly moving up the corporate ladder, eventually becoming the Senior Vice President of Delhaize America, a large retailer on the East coast.

What prompted Attila’s spiritual awakening was his first taste of the plant medicine brew Ayahuasca, which he took in the Santo Daime in Amsterdam in 2008. Ayahuasca has been a catalyst for many people searching for their true meaning in life. Attila continued to journey with Ayahuasca for the next year and slowly found himself discovering what his true path in life was meant to be. It wasn’t to stand at the top of the corporate ladder with a large salary and luxury car, but to serve others. It wouldn’t be for a couple of years until Attila truly took the leap out of the corporate world, moving from fear into love and discovering his inner authentic truth:

I am committed to my soul; to feel all my feelings with pure honesty, to choose Life and Love over security and power, to leap from the safety of the bank into the middle of the fast-flowing river, to realize the amazing power of the Courageous Lion-Hearted Love of awakening. This love has the power to bloom for us to help us achieve anything we aspire. Thoughts manifest creation, and by giving all, you will receive all… more than you could possibly imagine.

The Sanctuary

Attila’s wife Alexandria was also on her own spiritual journey and together, they shed their corporate identities to establish a healing retreat in Portugal called The Sanctuary, where they hold sacred plant medicine ceremonies in their tipi and yurt — a dream they envisioned for years that they are now finally living.

The Sanctuary retreat is located the Beira Alta province, nestled between the rivers Mondego and Alva. The fully renovated farmhouse was built in the 1860s and converted into a bed and breakfast in the 1990s. From your window you can see the magnificent Serra de Estrela Mountains. The farmhouse is situated on 18 acres (seven hectares) and surrounded by bountiful olive trees, organic fig, plum, apple, and lemon trees, a large wooded area, and a beautiful creek with three waterfalls. The property has four wells that provide amazingly pure drinking water.

The Ayahuasca ceremonies are held in yurt, a Mongolian tent.

The yurt holds an amazing healing and nurturing energy and is a beautiful sacred space for your journey.

Here, you dive deep into the shallows and depths of the person you are. Theres no hiding behind a mask, or pretending to be someone you’re not. It’s you and your naked, bare being. The rawness of it all. The purity of life that you have always craved. That is what you experience here.

At The Sanctuary you will find a number of services available, including breathwork, Ayahuasca, and even Kambo, a purgative and immunity-boosting medicine derived from frog secretions.

You can choose between two retreats.

The ‘Sanctuary Retreat‘ is a three-night retreat that includes two Ayahuasca ceremonies. This retreat allows you to deepen your time with yourself and your soul’s journey and will prepare you with meditation and breathwork to ground and cleanse the body. Alexandra and Attila prepare delicious vegetarian meals according to the dieta that will nourish the physical body. They only take a small group of about seven to eight people, which ensures guests receive a lot of individual attention and nurturing throughout the retreat.

The second retreat is the ‘Immersion Retreat,’ which lasts for seven nights and includes three Ayahuasca ceremonies. This eight-day inner journey is a deep dive to find your inner truth and the next steps toward achieving peace, harmony, self forgiveness, and self love. It will help you to understand that you are a co-creator. In this retreat you will be immersed in silence to further facilitate healing and reconnection to yourself. They also have sharing circles throughout the eight days.

The ceremonies are also held in their amazing newly built yurt.

Here is a message from Rebecca Akat, Alexandra and Attila’s daughter, about what to expect when entering the yurt:

Enter the yurt. Enter yourself. Enter another dimension. Enter the door to the answers you have been looking for. Drink the elixir of honesty. A journey has begun so brutal but so beautiful, you will forget you ever wanted a 6 digit salary or a luxurious car. You will forget that time ever had such an effect on you and that the person you despise is actually a reflection of yourself. Your fears will transform into your strengths. Your sadness will surrender. Reflection will happen. Understanding will take place. Compassion and love will become your essence. You will encounter your soul whispering your purpose into your ears, and your heart jumping of joy for the reclaimed truth. You will meet the shadow parts of yourself only to realise it is what you need to become the light. Ayahuasca will bring you healing. It will bring you back to your purest being. Your roots. Your home.

Step out of the yurt. Look at the stars. Feel at home. This is where you are from. Look at your hands. Feel the stardust flowing through them. Understand we are all the same. We are one. Normality is not part of your world anymore. You have flown far away from it. The journey is over. But your next step has just begun. You walk firm. You walk grounded. You walk free. You are you. It is time to create that path with those flowers you have longed for so long. Forget about the concrete and asphalt. Forget about the factory we have been dragged through to fit the system. You are out. You are now dancing with the feeling of wholeness, under galaxies of possibilities and love that consumes every part of you. It is time to go dive into the world, head first. The water might be cold, but you knew that all along. Dive anyways.

Attila and Alexandra welcome anyone who desires to learn more about their purpose here on Earth. They would love to help guide you in discovering your true potential.

If you’d like to learn more about their next retreat, please visit http://ift.tt/2ypuFxb.


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New Moon In Virgo: Getting Real And Embracing Change

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There will be a New Moon in Virgo on September 20, 2017. This is the beginning of a new wave of energy influencing the upcoming month, yet the astrological configurations at this time will have a stronger influence over the following two weeks.

On September 18, less then a day before this New Moon, Mercury finished travelling in the part of the zodiac it occupied during its previous retrograde. These last few weeks (since Sept 5) are known as Mercury’s ‘post-shadow’ period, as there has been more of a forward momentum in response to what transpired during the retrograde and in the aftermath leading up to this New Moon on the 19th.

However, Mercury has also been progressing toward an opposition with Neptune until the 18th/19th, which synchronistically aligned with the end of the post shadow period and transition to a New Moon cycle. In some cases this could still have made the forward momentum of the ‘post shadow’ period a bit confusing or perhaps related it to escapism or deceiving behaviour. However, in some cases, Neptune here along with other planetary configurations could also indicate spiritual healing or awareness that could influence the way we think.

Pluto is currently almost stationary, as it is finishing up its retrograde that started on April 20. It will begin to move forward again on September 28. During the weeks leading up to and following this date (the 28th), Plutonian themes may be surfacing more strongly.

It could be related to power, transformation, death and rebirth, control, hidden matters, secrets, sex, or even money and business. For some people this can be an empowering time, especially for those born in the early 1980s (primarily 1981-1982) or the mid-1960s and mid-late 1950s.

Some of the themes and developments that have occurred between September 17th-19th could be related to what the previous Solar Eclipse in Leo indicated for your personal evolution now and over the coming months. Venus in Leo was at the same spot of the eclipse, triggering it with themes of love, fun, friendships, creativity, and values, along with money in some cases.

New Moon in Virgo in a T-Square With Chiron and Saturn, Three Planets Also in Virgo

Virgo is the sign of health, work, service, routine, lifestyle, details, purity, cleanliness, organization, and pets. Developments related to these themes could already be playing out, but we are moving into a period of increased momentum and clarity and therefore we may be stepping it up or expressing and experiencing these energies even more. Although Virgo season is almost over and we will move into Libra season soon, Venus, Mars, and Mercury will still be travelling in Virgo which is also putting extra emphasis on this sign and its energies.

This New Moon is tightly separating from an opposition to Chiron. This could either indicate challenges with our personal wounds/blockages or it could represent healing and empowerment when also considering Pluto’s transition to forward motion. In many cases this could have occurred in the week and days leading up to this New Moon.

Those who have been experiencing this energy in a challenging way may feel a tug of war between Virgo energy and Chiron in Pisces. This could manifest as Virgo related circumstances and themes (mentioned above) at odds with our blockages and self-imposed inadequacies. Saturn is in a loose square with this opposition, as it was with the previous Full Moon in Pisces. This could emphasize tension pushing us to be more committed, responsible, or realistic, or to have more discipline in overcoming the challenge of this opposition.

Jupiter in Libra Finishing Opposition With Uranus in Aries

Jupiter is finishing off its opposition with Uranus over the next few weeks and it will be strongest around Sept 25th – 30th. This energy started in December and was strong throughout the winter and gradually started to increase again over last six weeks. Jupiter in Libra represents one side that wants to expand in relationships, partnerships, diplomacy, balance, fairness, and equality. It could even be related to those we consult with.

If expressed in a challenging way, Uranus in Aries could disrupt this through surprising/sudden circumstances, and could perhaps bring separations. In some cases it could be some sort of rebellion against other Libra themes mentioned. Alternatively, some people can experience these two forces in a more harmonious way that can be integrating instead of opposing. This could bring expansive breakthroughs, big surprises, freedom, new or revolutionary experiences, or over-excitement, which may be connected to the Jupiter in Libra themes mentioned above.

This opposition is forming quincunx and semi-sextile configurations with the New Moon and Chiron. This could suggest that, however this manifests for you, it may require some adjustments for you to be able to integrate this energy with how you manage your life, work, dealing with blockages, or other Virgo and Chiron related areas mentioned above.

Making Intentions and Things to Consider

What can you do to make your life or work operate more smoothly, organized, and efficient? What lifestyle changes do you need to make to be more healthy and/or overcome blockages and wounds? What have you learned about your personal power and how should you proceed based on this? Also think about anything else that the universe has been showing you over the last few weeks and consider what needs to be done based on this.

The exact time of this New Moon occurred at 5:30am Universal Time on September 20. It is best to make your intentions with the first 24 hours following the New Moon, as close to it as possible. You can click here to see what the exact time was for your time zone.

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