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Richard Branson: Why you should sometimes let your children be bored:

Richard Branson: We used to allow comedians and entertainers to fly on @VirginAtlantic for free as long as they entertained people while on-board #TBT

Richard Branson: @adamjackson1986 Thank you for sharing Adam, I’m delighted you’re enjoying it. Best of luck for the future of your venture

Richard Branson: @TheGeorgeBowers I’m glad you’re enjoying #FindingMyVirginity. Sales reports can be useful, but more important is trusting in your vision and your people to move your business forward.

Richard Branson: @DewildeMatthias Thank you for asking. You can get involved with @virginunite by visiting

Elon Musk: First two Starlink demo satellites, called Tintin A & B, deployed and communicating to Earth stations