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Bill Gates

Bill Gates: My friend Bono explains the potential we could unlock if the gender gap in education was closed: #GirlsCount

Bill Gates: I’m excited about the possibilities that exist at the intersection of global health and the private sector. I spoke about how companies can harness these opportunities earlier today.

Bill Gates: These are just a few of the many people using their talents to fight poverty, hunger, and disease. The world is a better place because of what they do:

Bill Gates: .@charlesjkenny is one of my favorite writers on the optimism beat. This article is a must-read.

Bill Gates: I sat down with TIME’s @nancygibbs to talk about what gives me hope about the world’s future:

Bill Gates: I first met Mohammed Nassir when he was only two weeks old. Today, he’s five years old and thriving—a testament to the incredible progress we’ve made to reduce child mortality in Ethiopia:

Bill Gates: RT @melindagates: I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: If we want to change the world, we should invest in the women who already are.

Bill Gates: I was excited when @TIME asked me to serve as its first guest editor. I asked some of the people I respect most to write about what makes them optimistic. I hope they inspire you, too:

Bill Gates: I’m optimistic we can stop climate change and help those who are being hurt the most by it—all while meeting the world’s energy needs:

Bill Gates: Melinda and I have been working for some time to learn more about the challenges Americans face moving up the economic ladder. This book helped me understand what it’s like to be poor in the U.S. better than anything else I’ve read: