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Bill Gates

Bill Gates: I’m excited to share my first #VR video of 2018. Travel with me to India and learn how the country wiped out polio within its borders:

Bill Gates: “I got arrested, beaten, left bloody and unconscious. But I haven’t given up. And you cannot give up.” An inspiring #MLKDay read from civil rights legend @repjohnlewis.

Bill Gates: We’re closer now than we have ever been to eradicating polio. That’s why it’s more important than ever to support organizations like @Rotary that help polio workers on the frontlines of this fight:

Bill Gates: RT @MaxCRoser: .@NickKristof on global development and why it is important that we know that the world is making progress: “The world is registering important progress, but it also faces mortal threats. The first belief should empower us to act on the second.”

Bill Gates: Good news worth sharing… Thanks to vaccine innovation, countries will be able to protect millions of kids against typhoid: #VaccinesWork

Bill Gates: Whenever someone asks me why I believe it’s possible to end polio, I tell them about this trip: #TBT

Bill Gates: In 1988, there were 350,000 new polio cases. Last year, there were just 21. Here’s what made this progress possible:

Bill Gates: “When Breath Becomes Air” is one of the most moving books I’ve ever read. I’m glad things turned out okay for @rocketgirlmd.

Bill Gates: My friend Bono explains the potential we could unlock if the gender gap in education was closed: #GirlsCount

Bill Gates: I’m excited about the possibilities that exist at the intersection of global health and the private sector. I spoke about how companies can harness these opportunities earlier today.