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Dove Chocolate Bringing VR Experience to Life is Beautiful & Voodoo Festivals

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Branded virtual reality (VR) content is nothing new, yet bringing such experiences to festivals around the world has been seeing something of a significant investment in 2017. Set to make its debut at Life is Beautiful, Las Vegas, 22nd – 24th September 2017, DOVE Chocolate VR Experience is the latest application to offer attendees their first taste of VR.

DOVE Chocolate VR Experience_1

Attendees of Life is Beautiful can travel to New York City, Paris and Iceland through the DOVE Chocolate VR Experience, showcased on a Samsung Gear VR. A gif maker will also be available with attendees invited to share their gifs on Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #ChoosePleasure in order to enter a competition for ‘the holiday of a lifetime’. Exactly what the prize on offer (or any additional terms and conditions) are not currently known.

Following its debut this weekend, the DOVE Chocolate VR Experience will also appear at the Voodoo Festival, New Orleans, 27th – 29th October 2017.

Despite the DOVE Chocolate VR Experience being demonstrated on a Samsung Gear VR, it’s not currently been confirmed whether the title will be offered to owners of the device. VRFocus will of course keep you updated with all the latest details. Source:

Unity Announces Support For iOS 11 and ARKit

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Last month Unity Technologies announced that it was working closely with Google to integrate its newly released augmented reality (AR) toolkit, ARCore, into the Unity engine. Now it has been announced that Unity will also support Google’s rivals Apple, with support for ARKit and iOS 11.

Unity have been working to include that the new features from ARKit and iOS 11 would be supported by Unity. The Unity engine is one of the most popular in the world, providing the driving force behind the majority of mobile virtual reality (VR) applications currently available.

With the release of iOS 11, the AR tools available in ARKit are now available to millions of iPad and iPhone users, and many developers are keen to take advantage of the opportunities this provides.


“At Unity, we believe the world is a better place with more creators in it, and the launch of iOS 11 and ARKit means even more people will have the ability to create and enjoy engaging, accessible AR experiences,” said Ralph Hauwert, Director of Development for Platforms at Unity. “Supporting the latest and greatest tech ensures we can give our creators the confidence and tools to build and scale, while easily publishing across nearly any platform.”

Several Unity-based apps have already been enhanced with ARKit, including the phenomenally popular Pokemon Go by Niantic, Walking Dead: Our World by Next Games, IKEA Place and Warhammer 40,000: Freeblade.

VRFocus will continue to report on new and innovative applications using ARKit. Source:

Palmer Luckey Will Be On HTC Vive Stage At Tokyo Game Show

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There has been a great deal of guessing and speculation on what Oculus co-founder Palmer Luckey has planned for his next move since he left Oculus and Facebook back in March this year. Some details might be revealed at the Tokyo Game Show, as Luckey is due to address attendees from the HTC Vive stage.

Luckey has been something of a controversial figure, with some critics denouncing him as bringing the virtual reality (VR) industry into disrepute. Despite this, and his departure from Facebook and Oculus, he remains a well-known figure in VR circles, viewed by many as a spokesperson for VR and the person who kicked off the modern era of VR.

There are few details on what Luckey plans to discuss in his time on the HTC Vive stage, but the fact that he is appearing under the HTC Vive banner has unleashed a frenzy of speculation, when considered alongside news of Google buying up HTC’s Pixel team, and persistent rumours of HTC Vive being sold.

HTC Vive are appearing in the VR/AR Corner of the Tokyo Game Show, and area much expanded since its debut last year. HTC Vive will be showcasing several titles available on the platform, such as Rez Infinite, Assassination Class VR Balloon Challenge, Fallout 4 VR, Tilt Brush, Viveland and more.

Palmer Luckey is due to speak on Saturday 23rd September at 13:30 JST. Further information and the full scheduled is available on the Japanese HTC Vive website.

VRFocus will bring you further news from Tokyo Game Show as it emerges. Source:

Sega and Zero Latency Create Second VR Gaming Arena in Japan

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It looks as though Zero Latency and Sega’s free-roaming virtual reality (VR) gaming arena has been a success as today the companies have announced the opening of a second location in Japan. 

The first arena opened inside Sega’s Tokyo Joypolis location in 2016, with the second Sega VR Arena Abeno location opening its door last month at the Abeno Q’s Mall in Osaka.

Zero Latency The Creators Project 2 - August 2015

The Osaka arena will provide 225 square meters (2,500 square feet) of floor space for six-players to band together, with the opportunity to lead the pack, be a hero, support the squad, or discover their own role working together to battle hordes of brain-hungry undead in Zombie Survival.

“We are honored that our partners at Sega have chosen to extend their virtual reality presence with a second Zero Latency arena. This is a great vote of confidence in our cutting-edge technology and business model for amusement operators seeking to entertain guests with unparalleled VR,” states Zero Latency CEO Tim Ruse in a statement. “The Tokyo Joypolis arena continues to enchant visitors with mind-blowing gaming adventures and now visitors to Abeno Q’s Mall in Osaka will also get to experience the very best freeroam, multiplayer VR gaming on the planet.”

As in all Zero Latency arenas, the Osaka arena has no internal physical walls, which allow teams to freely roam, walk, explore, and fight together through different virtual terrains.

“Zero Latency’s VR System has opened in Osaka following the success of Tokyo. This wonderful freeroaming VR attraction is an exciting development for players in the Osaka and Kansai area who are well known for their love of high quality entertainment,” said Mr Nobuo Tamaki, Operating Officer and Development Headquarter General Manager of SEGA Entertainment. “We believe they will enjoy Zero Latency’s amazing system and content.”

Sega VR Arena Abeno is the 10th arena in the world powered by Zero Latency’s patent-pending VR technology. As the company continues its expansion VRFocus will keep you updated. Source:

Intel and Blueprint Reality Collaborate on Mixed Reality Tool MixCast

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Earlier this year Blueprint Reality released a suite of tools called MixCast VR designed to make the creation and distribution of mixed reality (MR) videos simple. Today the company has announced a partnership with Intel to help bolster and expand the suite.

Virtual reality (VR) developers are beginning to utilise MR videos as a way of showcasing what it’s like to be in their VR title. Unless you’ve actually got the headset on and are playing whatever videogame or experience it may be, trying to convey that sense of immersion to the public – especially if they’ve never tried VR before – can be especially difficult.

MixCast VR Studio image 2

Quite what the partnership aims to achieve hasn’t been overly detailed, with Intel press release simply stating the: “Blueprint Reality partnership marks a milestone in Intel’s ongoing commitment to evolve the VR experience.” Followed by: “For developers of VR content, educators demonstrating complex concepts or Twitch personalities who livestream their experiences, Intel’s compute power enables MixCast to provide near-instantaneous renderings of content.”

The MixCast Studio application is available today as a monthly subscription on Steam. For VR content developers seeking to enable MixCast support within VR games and experiences, the free MixCast SDK can be found at the Blueprint Reality website.

VRFocus will continue its coverage of Intel and Blueprint Reality, reporting back with further updates. Source:

Head Beneath the Waves as shARk Surfaces from Curiscope

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Curiscope, the developer behind virtual reality (VR) experience Great White Sharks has turned its attention to augmented reality (AR) and Apple’s ARKit, creating an app called shARk.

shARk allows users to feed and play with their very own pet leopard shark by dropping bait anywhere and everywhere. They can also record and share the best and weirdest places they find their sharks through the in-app video sharing.


The app is free to download from iTunes, designed for both iPhone and iPad, and features in-app purchases so users can choose to unlock the infamous Great White Shark for 79p/99 cents.

“With our VR Great White Shark experience in 2016 we wanted to create the number 1 mobile VR experience and, with close to 24m views, the reception was fantastic,” explained Ed Barton, CEO and co-founder of Curiscope. “It was an obvious move to do something similar with AR. ARKit is the technology that finally bridges the gap between high-end positional technology and the accessible mass-market with over 100m compatible devices. It’s a perfect match for Curiscope, enabling us to encourage curiosity, wonder and connection with the world that surrounds us.”

VRFocus will continue its coverage of Curiscope, reporting back with the latest updates. Source:

Preview: The Gallery – Episode 2: Heart of the Emberstone – The Story Continues

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It feels like HTC Vive has been on the market far longer than 17 months, with some awesome virtual reality (VR) experiences having released in that time. Some of which were launch titles like Cloudhead Games’ The Gallery – Episode 1: Call of the Starseed, a puzzle adventure which is still a worthwhile purchase even now. As the title suggests this is an episodic tale and fans have been eagerly awaiting the next instalment which is due this month, The Gallery – Episode 2: Heart of the Emberstone.

Continuing the story, the second episode whisks you up into the stars as you search for your sister Elsie. In the preview build VRFocus played Cloudhead Games allowed access to two scenes which utilised the mysterious new Gauntlet you’re now in possession of, allowing the manipulation of energy to interact and move objects at distance.

The Gallery Heart of the Emberstone screenshot 1

These two areas gave just a glimpse at the massive videogame the studio has planned with crumbling buildings, towering monuments and ancient technology to see and use. Just like episode one, Cloudhead has created a gorgeous looking title that evokes the same grandeur as the story the studio plans on telling, offering a few tactile puzzles that give a brief taster of what to expect.

The first area offers a basic introduction to the Gauntlet, with floating platforms littered with obstacles that need to be moved in order to pass. As teleportation was the only movement system available – more will be on offer in the full release – there was no cheating by teleporting past the rubble, a quick flick of the wrist and each piece can be flung out of the way.

The main puzzles at this point consisted of moving a crystal located on the back of your hand through an ever more elaborate series of holographic tubes, with spinning and moving parts needing to be avoided to succeed. Simple in nature, they do test your ability to gauge depth and perspective as looking at them from one angle can hide the best course of action, and the whole process makes the mundane task opening of doors that bit more elaborate.

The Gallery Heart of the Emberstone screenshot 2

Aside from figuring out the puzzles there are lots of little additions for players to find that add and complete parts of the story. Elsie’s photo’s litter parts of the levels as holograms of her appear at certain points. And her audio tapes can be collected for further info.

Even in this short preview The Gallery – Episode 2: Heart of the Emberstone feels like Cloudhead Games has really started to find its VR feet, offering an experience that the studio knows needs to be bigger and bolder than the last. 2016 had plenty of short titles that tested the waters of VR, however in 2017 those are being replaced by videogames that require plenty more attention and time from players. Simply making episode 2 continue the story with no advancements in gameplay wouldn’t be well received, thankfully this doesn’t seem to be the case and VRFocus is looking forward to see how the fully released The Gallery – Episode 2: Heart of the Emberstone turns out. Source: