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Spacecraft separation and solar array deployment have been confirmed for @NOAASatellites’ #JPSS1. The spacecraft has power and is on its own orbit:

Rust Buster


Superior loosener

As a DIY’er, Rust Buster one of my favorite products because it REALLY works. I came across it by accident at a small tractor supply store in southern Missouri. The product typically works instantly, but on heavy duty applications, I like to apply a little (or a lot) on a rusted or frozen bolt or car part, tap the part lightly to aid penetration, and wait. After a few minutes, rusted bolts, screws, shafts, piping, any types of “frozen” connections and assemblies will now break lose. I have tried a variety of other loosening products, but they tend to use heavier oils that don’t penetrate as well. Smaller hardware stores, and farm supply stores will probably stock it.

— Mike Farley



Magnetic wristband


Keeps nails and screws handy

Have you ever held screws or nails in your mouth as a way to keep them nearby while working on a project? This week for my tool review I’m going to show you a better solution. This is the MagnoGrip, it’s a $14 magnetic wristband available on Amazon. I found it on the Cool Tools blog. And if you pick one up using the link in the description you help to support my videos and the Cool Tools Blog.

This is a low-tech but useful tool. It just velcros around your wrist and includes embedded magnets to hold whatever odds and ends you need to have handy. The magnets aren’t super strong, but just strong enough to hold a handful of nails or screws. I imagine if the were much stronger it might actually be a liability.

It’s a durable design, made from thick 1680 ballistic polyester. So having screws and nails rub against it over and over shouldn’t be a problem. The inside that touches your wrist has this nice, breathable padding.

The original Cool Tools review of this comes from Sue Bettenhausen, who recommended it for nails and pins, putting together her son’s bike, hanging pictures, or shortening pants. I also see several Amazon reviews from people using these while doing car repairs to prevent bolts from falling into the engine.

The wristband comes in a few colors, but red seems like it provides the best contrast so screws and nails don’t just blend in.

— Donald Bell



RT @NOAASatellites: 3rd time was a charm! A great day for #JPSS1. Keep watching live coverage; we’ve got a few milestones to go.

LIFTOFF! @NOAASatellites’ #JPSS1 weather satellite launches at 4:47am ET, heading into polar orbit around Earth:

Launch managers checked with their teams one last time and gave the final ‘GO’ for liftoff of @NOAASatellites’ #JPSS1. Watch the 4:47am ET launch here:

What is @NOAASatellites’ #JPSS1? It’s a polar-orbiting satellite that will help improve weather forecasting. Watch:

Weather for this morning’s 4:47am ET launch of @NOAASatellites’ #JPSS1 is 100% ‘GO’. Watch liftoff:

LIVE NOW: Join us as we countdown to the 4:47am ET liftoff of @NOAASatellites’ #JPSS1 weather satellite. Watch:

Awake? Sip your coffee as you tune in for a live rocket launch at 4:47am ET! Launch coverage of @NOAASatellites’ #JPSS1 begins at4:15am. Watch: