Fuji GFX 50S Firmware 3.00 Announcement


Fuji GFX 50S Firmware 3.00 Announcement

One of the most amazing things about Fuji as a company, is their commitment to photographers who invest in their systems. Each time Fuji makes a camera announcement, it also goes back and adds some features to some of its existing cameras. A number of cameras have been previously improved with the “Kaizen” philosophy and I have seen cameras completely transform thanks to continuous firmware updates. Last year, after having a chance to test and review the GFX 50S, I decided to invest in my first medium format system. I fell in love with this camera and its superb image quality, and I have been using it ever since when traveling all over the world. Today, Fujifilm announced a firmware update version 3.00 for the GFX 50S, which adds a new “Focus Bracketing” feature, which allows automatic focus stacking of images through the camera.

In addition to the focus stacking feature, Fuji is also adding a “35mm Format Mode” to the camera, which will automatically crop the sensor to 36.0mm x 24.0mm size (full-frame) in order to produce images without vignetting when using full-frame lenses with adapters. This is another useful feature, because it makes the GFX 50S a versatile tool that can be used with many lenses on the market (the GFX 50S has adapters for practically every full-frame system out there). Lastly, the camera will also receive updates for the “H Mount Adapter G” so that more lenses can work with the GFX 50S (see the full list of compatible lenses here).

The firmware will be available in March of 2018, most likely as soon as the Fuji X-H1 becomes available.

If only other manufacturers followed Fuji’s excellent firmware practice… For example, there is no reason why Nikon cannot implement focus stacking and other features found on the D850 on its existing cameras. Sadly, it is just not going to happen.

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