Wait. What Day Is It, Again?

I’ve been sick in bed all week with some kind of sinus yuckiness, so my head is splitting queasy and I don’t know what day it is and I’m behind on everything: posts, housework, shaving my legs, etc.


This morning afternoon I staggered out of my pillow nest and haze of humidifier mist to find a quiet house, because John had thoughtfully locked the beasts in my office to keep them from yowling at my door while I slept.

I checked Facebook, and found a feed full to brimming with all my friends’ silly Valentine puns to each other, cute puppy photos, funny geek memes, art, declarations of love for their SOs or their fellow singles, hearts and sappiness, defiance and silliness.

As I sat there swaying in front of the computer, wondering which massively overdue task I should tackle first, I heard the car door slam in the driveway, then John whistling some tuneless snippet as he walked up. He always whistles. And sings. And generally makes noise, I think to let me know he’s here, he’s coming, this silence and stillness aren’t forever.

"Hello?" he calls, coming in with the force of a happy hurricane. "I bought new cat food, since Tonks threw up the new stuff three times this morning. SUPER gross."

He breezes into the office, making no mention of my two-day-old t-shirt or hair sticking out a foot in every direction. "How are you feeling?" A quick hug and kiss on my mat of giant hair. "Happy Valentines day, love, sorry I only brought you cat food." Breezes out again.

I putter around on the computer a few more minutes. More swaying. More eye-rubbing.

"Oh!" it’s John again, big smile. "Look at this!"

It’s a home-made card from Meg, an Epbot reader and friend. It has donut stickers all over it with tiny googly eyes, and it says, "Donut be anything but you." And there are more: a whole stack of cards from the P.O. Box, plus a sweet plush Figment for John that someone’s had since their childhood.

My stabby head stabs again – is it normal to have your cheekbones hurt? – and the room keeps pitching around, but I don’t have to look far to find a smile. Flowers and chocolates and sinus infections are temporary. Friendships and thoughtfulness and the kind of love that overlooks grossness and brings home cat food is the stuff that matters, the stuff worth celebrating.

So yeah, as Valentines Days go?

I’d say this one’s pretty great.

Hope yours is, too.

Oh! And just to clinch the deal, there’s also these:

A post shared by Caley Hicks (@thechicks914) on

Sweet Stay Puft! Best Valentines art EVER.

(via Proton Charging, which has a ton more)
And finally, this last one I CANNOT UNSEE, and therefore must inflict on all of you:

There’s a "shake & bake" joke in here somewhere, I just know it.

Sorry/Not sorry.
Happy Wednesday, y’all.

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