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January 2018

FIFISH P3 underwater drone

fifishp3Most of us would think of drones as something that ends up as a luxury purchase of sorts. It is not really necessary, but it is still nice to own one. After all, snapping a sweeping, panoramic shot of a particular area from the skies always evokes a majestic feeling in the viewer if it is done right. The free flying drones in the air have certainly made their mark in the world of consumer electronics, where the market has already matured. However, there is a new way to explore the world around us, and this can be done through underwater drones. Shenzhen QYSEA Technology Co., Ltd. happens to be a leading underwater drone provider and they have recently revealed the flagship FIFISH P3 underwater drone.

Just how does the FIFISH P3 perform the moment it dives into the water? Well, Shenzen QYSEA would like to claim that it carries an amazing performance, making each underwater exploration journey a special one whether you are going to snap photos or capture videos of the situation. Left in the capable hands of an expert, the results yielded will truly be outstanding on a professional level.

The FIFISH P3 is powered by an Ambarella chipset, accompanied by a 1-Inch SONY CMOS sensor and a 162 degree FOV ultra-wide angle lens. This kind of combination is potent enough to let the FIFISH P3 capture 4K HD footage as well as 20MP photos while underwater. Not only that, there are also 4,000 lumens LED lights that boast of 8 adjustable levels of brightness, virtually guaranteeing that the user is able to capture far more detail even in dark environments. The FIFISH P3 is also touted to deliver true-color imaging with stability and reliability no matter how poor the existing ocean conditions are.

Users can also watch whatever the FIFISH P3 is looking at in real-time through a corresponding app, all at the touch of a button where those stunning underwater moments will be broadcasted to a variety of social media platforms including Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, WeChat. Sounds like a dream purchase, doesn’t it?

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32 New VR Experiences Receive Funding, From Group Singing to an Immersive Circus

Virtual reality (VR) can be used for far more than videogames, and now the Arts and Humanities Research Council, along with the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, have announced that they’ll be funding 32 brand new VR research projects. These will range from experiences looking to recreate the benefits of outdoor group singing, to exploring an immersive VR circus.

New Samsung Gear VR and Controller

Of course, that’s not all. Another initiative looks to allow museum visitors to virtually read through ancient texts and more than would otherwise usually be off limits to the public.

The research will be carried out by a team comprised of academics, businesses and creative industry professionals to ensure the projects’ success. Each project has earned around £75,000 and will last between six and nine months, with all projects due to start before this April.

There are three key areas in which the chosen projects will be focusing on; memory, place and performance. Memory focuses on institutions such as museums and archives, place with, well, places, and performance will look at the kinds of experiences users can have in VR.

We have further details on five of the projects. The first is The Hills Are Alive, which looks at the benefits of natural environments and group singing.

XR Ciirkes combines circus performances, street art and performers with researchers to innovate and create emotionally impactful experiences.

Elsewhere the project is also working to create augmented browsing of books in historic libraries, immersive and inclusive music performances, and Virtual Holocaust Memoryscapes, which hopes to create immersive and spatial archives of the Bergen-Belsen and Neuengamme memorial sites.

Professor Andrew Chitty is the Arts and Humanities Research Council Economy Champion, and he’s impressed by the projects which have been pitched; “The unprecedented breadth and quality of applications for this call illustrates the extraordinary dynamism and expertise of practitioners applying immersive technologies to new narratives and experiences. As UK creative industries continue to excel, it is vital that they are positioned to make the most of the opportunities that arise from new technology. The 32 chosen research projects will help ensure that they’re ready to do just that.”

We should hear more about the 32 projects in the future. It’s exciting to see more organisations find more uses for VR, and we can’t wait to try them for ourselves. For more on these projects and the latest ways VR is improving the world, keep reading VRFocus. Source:

Richard Branson: Love this positive story of entrepreneurship making adventure more accessible to all

Refugee Children Share Their Dreams In These Creative Photoshoots

Refugee Children Share Their Dreams In These Creative Photoshoots

Four creatives from the Netherlands set out to capture the stories of refugee children from a fresh perspective.

Rather than continue to highlight the heartbreaking stories that have been making headlines since 2015, these four focused on the children’s dreams for the future.

No matter how traumatic their experiences were they never lost the
ability and strength to dream.

To capture the stories, the team visited five different countries and met dozens of kids.

"Some dreamed of having superpowers to end the war in Syria, others wanted to become a stewardess, a reporter, have a Harry Potter Themed birthday party or just simply chasing butterflies all day," the team says.

"Once we captured their stories we created an image in which these dreams came to life. The series is called ”The Dream Diaries” and is a photo series of children who fled their home countries leaving everything behind except their hopes and dreams of a better future."

"No matter how traumatic their experiences were they never lost the ability and strength to dream. Exactly that strength, is the essence we tried to capture in this series. The series also contains a beautiful 6-minute documentary in which these children share their dreams."

Learn more about the UNHCR website.

Via UNHCR & Veriy

Refugee Children Share Their Dreams In These Creative Photoshoots

Refugee Children Share Their Dreams In These Creative Photoshoots


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This Is What Would Happen If Gender Roles Were Reversed In Vintage Sexist Ads

This Is What Would Happen If Gender Roles Were Reversed In Vintage Sexist Ads

Remember the "good ‘ol" days of advertising when women were portrayed as helpless children who need to be put in their place?

Yep, there was a time during the 40s and 50s when women were shown to be utterly sub-human. And the ads from that era reflect that attitude all to clearly.

But in this series, Lebanese art director Eli Rezkallah shows us what would happen if gender roles were reversed in those sexist ads. He calls the series "In A Parallel Universe" and was inspired to make the series after overhearing sexists comments from his family.

"Last Thanksgiving, I overheard my uncles talk about how women are better off cooking, taking care of the kitchen, and fulfilling ‘their womanly duties’," Rezkallah says.

"Although I know that not all men like my uncles think that way I was surprised to learn that some still do, so I went on to imagine a parallel universe, where roles are inverted and men are given a taste of their own sexist poison.”

Find more of Rezkallah’s work here.

Via Konbini

This Is What Would Happen If Gender Roles Were Reversed In Vintage Sexist Ads

This Is What Would Happen If Gender Roles Were Reversed In Vintage Sexist Ads


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The gap

There’s a gap between where you are and where you want to be.

Many gaps, in fact, but imagine just one of them.

That gap–is it fuel? Are you using it like a vacuum, to pull you along, to inspire you to find new methods, to dance with the fear?

Or is it more like a moat, a forbidding space between you and the future?



President Trump: RT @IsraeliPM: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu expresses his appreciation for @jaredkushner and @jdgreenblatt45 for the efforts they have made behind the scenes that have helped to end the crisis with Jordan.