This Company Will Send You A lump Of Coal For Christmas

Let’s be honest, you weren’t great this year. You passed by that guy collecting donations at the supermarket, or you snuck a peek at your classmate’s math test, maybe you helped your friend hide a body. You don’t deserve that new Echo or iPad, you deserve a lump of coal. Well, now there’s a company that can help you with that.

It’s called LetsCoal, and for low price of $20 they’ll send you a (relatively)beautiful lump of coal. Every lump is 100% natural, so no more harmful preservatives or artificial colors. Just good ol’ green burning coal.

Okay, the website was initially formed as a joke, but now they really are offering a one-time sale for people, and part of the proceeds will go to Natural Resources Defense Council. Not bad for a a gag gift. Just keep in mind, you might get that lump of coal thrown at your head.

LetsCoal ] VIA [ TheVerge ]


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