Sprint Vector’ Open Beta Launching in January, Intel to Sponsor eSports Tournament

California-based VR developer Survios has revealed their upcoming action game Sprint Vector will launch in Open Beta in January 2018. The game will feature in eSports tournaments before its official launch, including the Intel-sponsored Alienware VR Cup.

Sprint Vector is the second major title from Survios, creators of the highly-regarded VR shooter Raw Data (2017). Described as an ‘adrenaline platformer’, Sprint Vector bears no resemblance to Survios’ first title, in terms of tone or gameplay, instead hoping to deliver a fast-paced, first-person racing experience that is all about momentum and agility. Its key innovation is the ‘Fluid Locomotion’ system, which allows players to ‘run’ and ‘leap’ through virtual environments at high-speed while minimising the risk of nausea. As described in our early hands-on, the system seems to be very effective, being both comfortable and fun to play.

Survios are keen to position the competitive gameplay of Sprint Vector as an eSport, and their partnership with Intel means the game will feature in the ongoing Alienware VR Cup, and in other tournaments taking place in arcades around the world.

“Survios is one of the pioneers of virtual reality technology for mainstream audiences and we’re honored to work with Intel to bring the industry-changing medium of VR to the esports world,” said Nathan Burba, Survios’ Co-Founder and CEO. “Sprint Vector, optimized for Intel’s most advanced CPUs, will be an important milestone for fans of sports, esports and VR gaming.”

The Intel optimisations can’t be all that significant, as a PS4 seems perfectly capable of running the game, which is slated for release on PSVR, Vive, and Rift in Q1 2018. However, PC gamers will get the first look via the beta starting in January. Vive and Rift users can gain early access by signing up at http://ift.tt/2AjJ0zD and wishlisting the game on Steam.

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