Quick Craft: Make Your Own Furry Monster Christmas Tree!

It all started when John and I were browsing the Christmas decorations – like ya do – and I suddenly asked, "Who on EARTH would want a furry brown Christmas tree??"
Then, exactly 2 seconds later, I realized it was me. I WAS THE ONE ON EARTH WHO WANTED A FURRY BROWN CHRISTMAS TREE.
You know, to make this:

We figured it’d be OK if we invented a few of the fantastic beasts at our coming Potter party. 😀
This is a ridiculously easy craft, plus there are sooo many ways you can customize your own tree monster. I kind of want to make a whole army of them now.
If you don’t have any craft or home decor stores in your area with the kind of discerning taste it takes to sell furry trees, then you can always make your own: just roll some posterboard into a cone and glue on fun fur fabric. This tree was huge and like 60% off, though (yay coupons!), so I decided it was worth the ten bucks.
Next you’ll need eyes. I grabbed this pack on the left:
 Again with a half-off coupon, booya!
You can also use fancy googly eyes (they have some great colorful styles now) or even paint eyes on the back of glass drops. Sky’s the limit.
The last things you’ll need are a little clay (I used paper clay), some craft paint, and hot glue.
I actually made my monster tree so fast I did the unthinkable: I didn’t take process photos. I can tell you I just parted the hair and used hot glue to press in the eyes, though, then rolled a quick snake of clay for the bottom lip:
 … which I painted reddish pink before aging with black. To glue on the lip I had to trim his mustache so the hair wouldn’t overlap the teeth.
Playing with his hair is super fun, btw; brushing up the section around his eyes makes it look like he has eyebrows. 😀
The teeth are more paper clay, painted white and then aged with yellow and brown.
I accidentally got a big hot glue splooge on the left there. I’m calling that drool. 😀
Again, you can do all sorts of funny things with the teeth – or skip them all together and make giant lips, or just a nose, you name it.
To give our monster tree an extra ridiculous touch, John added the Santa hat. It’s one of those little dollar hats from Bath & Body Works, which I recommend stocking up on, since they fit all KINDS of toys.
It really brings out his eyes.
And to give the monster tree more height, I stuck it on a big wooden candlestick. Candlesticks are fantastic with cone trees. Try pairing different sizes/styles, gives any tree an instant upgrade.
Our Monster Tree is on a tiny shelf in the guest bath, right next to the mirror.

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