Net Worth Update: $709,372.08 (+$21,000)

net worth - november, 2017

Heyo! That time again to check in with your money and see where you’re standing! AKA the best time of the month – NET WORTH DAY! Who’s with me?? 🙂

We personally hit a brand new milestone over here crossing into the $700’s for the first time, but what’s even more exciting if I’m being completely honest, is the rapid growth of our new Spavings Account! Haha… I haven’t done jack to make the stock market rise as it’s been doing every crazy month, but I have been working hard paying attention to all those spavings up in here! They’re beautiful! 🙂

(Okay, it wasn’t that hard keeping track of it all, but still – it’s shiny and new! Ooh look, a squirrel!)

Here’s a current snapshot of our account:

spavings account nov 17

If you recall, last month I was inspired by The Lady in Black to start keeping track of all these “savings” you get in life that really aren’t savings, but more so “spavings” (a mixture of “saving” and “spending” i.e. fake savings! Like when you save money by spending money!), and in an attempt to try and see how much I can save over the months, I’ve decided to physically bank it in hopes of maxing out a Roth IRA.

After the first two weeks I saved $35.68, and over the past two’ish weeks I’ve amassed another $92.68! Which is either good or bad depending on how you look at it, haha… (but let’s go with good, okay? It’s much more fun that way ;))

Unfortunately at this rate it looks like it’ll take 43 months to pull off a maxed IRA ($5,500), so I’ll probably start throwing in other “free money” I come across as well to help speed up the process here – similar to what we did with my old Challenge Everything experiment where we tacked on found money on the street, random bonuses/cash back checks, birthday and Christmas money (sorry Mom!), etc.

So huzzah to both Spavings and Net Worthing! But let’s get back to the meat and potatoes here…

November’s Net Worth Break Down

[This marks net worth update #109 for us, which we’ve continually shared since Feb of 2008. It does get a little weird the higher our money gets here, but seeing someone else’s money so transparently was what got ME to start paying attention to my own finances 10 years ago (and in fact is the reason this blog exists!) so I continue to share these in hopes they have the same motivational effects on YOU. Just click away if they annoy you!]

CASH SAVINGS (+$1,930.78): A nice comeback from last month when we LOST $2,000! So really they just end up canceling each other out 🙂 Next month’s report will be much juicier if a pending deal goes through, but until then mums the word. (Or ‘moms’ the word? Who’s hiding the word?)

*NEW* SPAVINGS FUND! (+$128.36): My favorite part of the month, as we’ve since discovered! Technically this should be folded under “Cash Savings” above, but again I’m just so excited about this that I wanted to separate it out so I can easily keep track and be motivated each month… Not unlike why we’re keeping this $$$ in a *separate bank account* too – so it doesn’t lose its charm and get intermingled with everything else going on! It helps to track some of this stuff separately so you can appreciate it more 🙂

THRIFT SAVINGS PLAN (TSP) (+$652.05): This is my 2nd favorite section, now bumped from the #1 slot it previously held before Spavings kicked it out. And it all stems from my wife’s new’ish job she took last year when going back into the workforce again and helping us become DIKS! Dual Income, Kids 🙂 Her paycheck helps cover the ridiculous costs of living in the DC area here, but it’s her TSP investments that really turns me on. Free matching of contributions and great funds to choose from – a win/win! TSPs are similar to 401(k)s btw, only for government employees.

ROTH IRAs (+$3,800.36): A nice jump here too, although again nothing to do with me as we haven’t contributed anything lately… I’m not gonna say what I always say here even though I’m tempted (mmmmarrrkeettt crassssshhhh commmingggg – damnit!) but let’s just say we all better be prepared 🙂

SEP IRA (+$14,245.47): Same with this hunk a meat too. Nothing new added and just riding along the market… (we’ll be doing a major investment here soon though once our taxes are finalized for the year as it all ties into how much I’m legally able to contribute to my SEP. Another similar tool to 401(k)s btw, only for those who are self-employed and which don’t come with any free matches, womp womp.)

Here’s a snapshot of all our money with Vanguard since marrying them a few years back (we’re fully invested into VTSAX):

vanguard returns

CAR VALUES (-$68.00): Nothing much exciting going on here either. Just the cars doing what they do naturally – depreciating! Here’s a look at what both our cars are currently worth per KBB (haven’t had the energy to look into minivans yet – we still have time before Babygeddon, right?? RIGHT??)

  • Lexus RX350: $11,447.00
  • Toyota Corolla: $3,707.00

CAR LOAN: (-$472.76): This side of the coin IS rather exciting! $400+ chipped away every month we go here, and if all goes well with what’s up my sleeves this will be all wiped away by next month! And if not, because you know – I just totally jinxed everything here – we’ll just keep going as-is as I’m perfectly fine holding onto debt that we can pay off at any given point in time. Even though I hear you debt-haters snickering over there! 😉

And that’s it for November! A Spavings/Net Worth milestone!

Here’s a broader look at how the past 12 months have transpired as well:

net worth past 12 months

And then here’s the kids’ net worths which shant be left out either. Soon to be THREE reports – ack!

kids net worth 11-17

Hope your month went exceptionally well too! We’ll return next month with net worth report #110, but as always the takeaway here is quite clear: invest as much as you can now, and then be as lazy as possible and let TIME do its thing from there. There really is no magic to it!

As always, you can find the full list of my net worth updates here, and then of course we’re still tracking over 400 other $$$ bloggers’ worths over at Rockstar Finance as well: Blogger Net Worth Tracker. I’m currently #110 on the list, dropping down two slots since last month.

Here’s to a fiscally fruitful December!

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PS: Winners of the $500 Christmas Stimulus will be announced soon… on Friday! Source:

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