Dave Ramsey’s top 10 calls of 2017

Dave Ramsey sometimes takes a lot of heat. His assumptions on investing are, well, questionable. Plus, there are people who take issue with his version of the debt snowball, which focuses on repaying low balances first instead of high interest rates.

Quibbles aside, there can be no doubt that Dave Ramsey does a lot of good in this world. (His book The Total Money Makeover that helped me get out of debt a decade ago.)

I don’t listen to Ramsey’s radio show, but I took the time to view this 73-minute video clip featuring the top 10 calls from 2017.

Callers in this video include a couple who has $158,000 in debt but hasn’t paid their bills in six years, another couple with almost $700,000 in student loans, and a third couple who is homeless because of haphazard financial decisions.

Watching Ramsey patiently guide lost listeners through the dense jungle of financial failure is inspiring. I couldn’t do it. Even though I’ve done lots of dumb things with money myself, I’d get frustrated dealing with call after call after call from people who have made such poor choices. But Ramsey remains calm, patient, and interested.

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