DIY Deco: I Made An Art Deco Headdress!

I’ve got several projects in the works right now, but I thought you guys might like to see this one I just finished up. It’s not a home run by any means, and I’ll tell you where things went wrong and what I’d do differently, but I hope this inspires some similar craftiness out there:
I MADE DIS. Wha whaaaaat.
This is probably a good time to mention our Harry Potter Party will have a Fantastic Beasts spin this year, so many of our guests (ourselves included) will be dressing up as 1920’s era witches and wizards.
Say it with me, now:
My struggle, of course, is finding ways to make a generic Flapper style a bit more magical. Since the President in the movie is wearing a funky headdress I started there. (Plus I just really like headdresses. :D)
As always I’ve done this on the cheap, so you could recreate your own for as little as $10 or $15, depending on how fancy you get with the jewelry. The primary materials are stiffened Friendly Felt (much stronger than the floppy kind), glue, and beads.
Close up of the jewelry bit:
The center piece is a combination of elements – I’ll show you how they went together in a sec.
In fact, let me walk you through the whole build, starting with this simple mock-up John put together at the very beginning:
This was to test the shape on my face, so the strap is just taped in place.
I knew I needed something pretty spectacular for a focal point, so I went digging through my jewelry drawer of cast-offs. I found this $6 necklace and liked the wings:
I needed it to be gold, though, to match my dress.
We don’t have a great gold paint at the moment, so instead John applied faux gold leaf with a little spray adhesive:
Testing the fit:

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