Don’t Miss Your Last Chance to Get ‘Echo Arena’ For Free

After October 20th, zero-gravity multiplayer sports game Echo Arena will no longer be free and will become priced at $20. The standalone multiplayer spin-off from Ready at Dawn’s hit VR title Lone Echo has been available for free to all Oculus accounts since its launch in July, but the limited time offer is coming to an end in just over a week.

Anyone with an Oculus account just needs to claim Echo Arena from the Oculus Store in order to ‘own’ the title indefinitely. If you miss the October 20th cutoff, you’ll have to pay $20 to play.

Much like the single player experience, Echo Arena is a brilliant example of comfortable VR locomotion and hand presence, offering a compelling multiplayer sport that is only possible through using VR technology. A new expansion that introduces first-person shooter mechanics called Echo Combat was recently announced, due to launch next year.

Though the game is exclusive to the Oculus Store, Echo Arena can be played on the Vive headset thanks to the Revive hack, so even Vive owners ought to claim this one just in case.

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