SmartGlass Pie Pan

The Creo SmartGlass Pie Pan is available in four colors (blue, red, green, and gray). It’s rated 4.3 stars on 10 Amazon reviews. (Its rating was pulled down by a three-star reviewer who somehow paid four times its current cost and felt it was overpriced.)

What I like about it is not its pie-making prowess (I don’t bake), but that its high perimeter makes it safe and easy to eat other food away from a table, as I prefer doing. It keeps the contents safely inside even when it’s not at a perfectly horizontal surface, such as when on my lap. The high edge also allows me to eat with only a single utensil, a large (dessert) spoon — provided I’ve cut the food up first. (The finish can stand up to such cutting: I have sawed away at meat and potatoes with a seated knife while pressing down on them with a fork.)

It doesn’t become excessively warm in the microwave, and its two ear-like handles warm even less, so it can be dug into immediately. It has a non-scalloped rim, which makes it less fragile and easier to clean. It’s lightweight, and it costs less than most other pie dishes: $11.

— Roger Knights

Creo SmartGlass Pie Pan, 9-Inch ($11)

Available from Amazon


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