Echo Arena’ FPS Expansion Announced and More ‘Lone Echo’ Teased

Ready at Dawn’s single player sci-fi adventure Lone Echo (2017) already has its multiplayer mode, the much beloved sports game Echo Arena, but the studio says it’s bringing out a new first-person shooter multiplayer mode called Echo Combat, and also an expansion to the Lone Echo game.

Announced today on stage at Oculus Connect 4, the company’s annual developer conference, Echo Combat was quickly teased in a video.

The details are still thin on the ground, but Ready at Dawn says Echo Combat is (predictably) using the same zero-G locomotion method, and is said to arrive in 2018. It’s unsure if it will be a free expansion to all users like Echo Arena was for a limited time.

Oculus further said there will also be an expansion headed to Lone Echo that reopens the world of Captain Olivia and her best robot buddy Jack (aka ‘you’) in their mission through zero-G.

The game’s high-flying locomotion method is famously comfortable, allowing for fast-paced action without the problems of feeling artificial motion-induced nausea.

Oculus says more news is yet to come during the conference, so check back for more soon.

This story is breaking. We’ll be filling in the gaps as info comes in.

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