Deejo Folding Knife


Lightweight pocket knife

I came from an Opinel fundamentalist family (No. 8 : 42g), and while I like its simplicity, I have found the wood section inside the virole ends rotting when in humid environments, causing it to break loose at the worst moment. It is also difficult to open one handed and the blade rusts.

A good friend offered me a Deejo folding knife a year ago. I didn’t know about it. Its main point is to be ultralight, but it’s still an excellent folding knife, and the handle isn’t as uncomfortable as it seems.

The mechanism is a joy to use, with an ideally weighted clicks for locking and folding. The size is perfect for everything from opening boxes and mail to gutting and paring fish, fruits, and vegetables.

It lacks the screwdrivers of the multitools and it’s a little pricey, but I wouldn’t be very disappointed if I lost it.

— Marc Lacoste



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