Unexpected, Heart-Warming Support For The New Doctor From… Ghostbusters Fans?

I used to follow quite a few Ghostbusters fan pages, so you can imagine the onslaught of ickiness that flooded my feed from the moment the new reboot was announced until, well, pretty much now. Most Page admins did their best to stem the worst of it, but even so, the negativity towards the all-female cast felt relentless and overwhelming, until I eventually unfollowed all but one or two.

Today the BBC announced that the new Doctor will be a woman: Jodie Whittaker. As both a girl geek and an old-school Doctor Who fan (though not so much the newer seasons), I’m both excited and filled with dread by this news. Excited by the continuing wave of new, strong female leads, and by how great this *could* be for the DW franchise – but dreading the flood of hate and "us-vs-them" attitudes already filling comment sections everywhere.

Just a few hours after the news broke, though, I saw something rather lovely pop up from Proton Charging, one of the few GB fan groups I’m still proud to follow. First a quick, funny note of solidarity from the admins:

And then in the comments, from fellow member James Burnes, the most perfect meme of support I could ever imagine:

And THAT is how you support a fellow fandom, peeps.

Thanks, James – I have a feeling this *might* get shared a few more times.
Source: http://www.epbot.com/

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