Turns out Juicero’s ludicrous Wi-Fi juicer is even more unnecessary than it sounds


Juicero’s Wi-Fi connected home juicer was always a shining beacon of Silicon Valley’s most indulgent tendencies. But it turns out the juicer is even more ridiculous than we first thought: it isn’t even necessary to make juice.

Bloomberg discovered that the packs of fruit and vegetables that Juicero is designed to squeeze don’t actually require the juicer to squeeze them — they can be pressed entirely by hand.

That means Juicero’s $400 juicerwhich sold for $700 at launch — isn’t just an unnecessary luxury, it’s just flat-out unnecessary.

Juicero has said the machine is designed to deliver the optimal amount of pressure for each fruit and vegetable pack, and the machine is supposed to customize its press for each variety.

Squeezing the pack by hand may not result in as ideal of a juice, but the results look pretty much identical in Bloomberg’s test:

The juicer can’t press fruits and vegetables bought from the store, either: it can only squeeze the pre-bagged fruit and vegetables mixes chopped up and shipped to your door by Juicero itself. So it really isn’t offering much.

You should head on over to Bloomberg to read their full piece on Juicero, which includes some wonderful details about investors’ disappointment in the product. It’s not really clear what they were expecting from Juicero, but it was clearly more functional than this.

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