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April 2017

Michael Moore: Right now on VICELAND: my film from 2002, “Bowling for Columbine”. Followed at 10pm by my appearance on Ellen Page’s “Gaycation.”

You’ve Heard of Hiring Ex-Cons? This One’s an Entrepreneur!

The Ex-Con Entrepreneur

It takes discipline to run a successful business. And if you have that discipline, you have a pretty good chance of making your idea into reality — no matter what obstacles you’ve had to overcome.

Case in point: Coss Marte, founder of ConBody. Marte originally got the idea for his business in an unlikely place — a prison cell.

The founder had some health issues while serving a seven-year prison sentence. And since he only had a small cell and his body weight to work with, he had to come up with a creative workout plan. He created one that worked for him. And now he also shares it with clients at his fitness studio on Manhattan’s Lower East Side.

The Ex-Con Entrepreneur

Marte had significant obstacles to overcome in his journey to entrepreneurship. Even just making it through his sentence was an accomplishment given the health issues that he started out with. But he persevered. He made it through the sentence and then built his business from scratch after finding limited job prospects upon his release.

For other entrepreneurs, the lesson is clear. If you have the discipline and a good enough idea, you can overcome just about anything. It won’t always be easy. And it might take a different shape or path than you’d expect. But if you put your skills to good use and refuse to give up, you can accomplish really surprising things.


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Michael Moore: We lost the Vietnam War 42yrs ago today. Should be a nat’l holiday, a commitment to never make same mistake again.

The Success Habit That Many Smart People Ignore

Succcess Habit

He was bullied so much at school that he was once thrown down a flight of stairs, then beaten until he was unconscious and hospitalized.

But despite the outsider tag he had a passion.

Born in a small town in South Africa and to the son of a dietitian he had a love of reading.

His brother revealed that he read up to two books a day on a wide range of topics. That means he read 60 times the number books that most of us read in a month.

He completed 2 bachelor degrees and was selected to start a PhD at Stanford University. After two days he quit to start his entrepreneurial career.

By his mid 40’s he had started and built four multi-billion dollar companies. These are in four diverse fields of software, energy, transportation and aerospace.

His name? Elon Musk.

College is just the start

University degrees are a discipline and a framework for learning that can be a ticket to that dream job.

The tragedy? That is where most people stop.

They have been seen as the ticket to corporate or academic nirvana. But in a world that is always evolving and changing that is not an option as you need to keep learning and never stop. The other choice is to calcify and become irrelevant. But some of us do have a dinosaur gene or a success death wish.

You need to embrace a success habit that today is the difference between average and awesome.

Continuous learning.

It’s never been easier

Many people sign up for  degree and then progress to an MBA or even another qualification. Some never leave college. And that is what the typical pathway to business and corporate success has always been. Often it costs big bucks and you need to pre-qualify.

But the game is changing.

Education is now online and everywhere. The formal path is no longer your only option. Today there are no excuses to not be always learning.

What’s continuous learning look like?

Books are the distillation of the lessons of decades of life by the smartest people on the planet. And it is all packed into just a few pages. Between the covers you will discover what has worked and the key elements to their inspiration and success. But they are not the only means for insights and lessons.

We all have different learning modalities and preferences.  Some like listening, others prefer watching and many of us love reading. So we all need to select our learning weapon(s) of choice.

Here are a few.

YouTube and video

My son is dyslexic and reading is tough. But when he looks up a video on how to play a guitar or mix music then he can learn. Online video lessons and “how to’s” have been a godsend for those of us who maybe don’t like reading or find it hard.

Online courses

No longer do you need to get permission to be able to start a course, or achieve a certain grade to qualify. You can sign up for free and paid courses whenever you like.


Theses are the learning media of choice for many commuters, gym junkies and travellers. Want to learn faster? Crank up the pace and play at 2 times normal speed and it’s double the learning in the same amount of time.


Online publishing brings you the latest news and information without waiting for editors and the print copy to be distributed to your bookshop or store. So…….subscribe, read, curate, create and share.

Curation apps

We are transforming from a web world that is transitioning from an Internet of websites to an internet of apps. Some of these include Flipboard and Anders Pink. Technology and education have intersected.


Sometimes we need an information drip fed to our devices to facilitate education. Maybe we need a little inspiration reminder. Subscriptions to educational blog posts and websites can help.


Hanging with the smartest people in your industry for a couple of days can accelerate learning and transformation. These can cost but can tip you from ideas into action.

Some of us are using all of these.

This is where the magic happens

Absorbing the insights, lessons and the learning is one thing but making sense and structure is another. You need to take the fogginess of information and complexity and give it structure and clarity.

This means absorbing the avalanche of information. So…..writing it down and sharing it with the world is the next step. Powerful supercharged learning (and success) comes from creating and acting.

Elon Musk decided that a PhD was a luxury that was stopping him doing and implementing what he had learned.

What are your insights and tactics for continuous learning?

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Apple is Drastically Cutting App Store Affiliate Commissions

Affiliates Not Happy Since App Store Commissions Were Cut

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) this week sent an email to App Store affiliate program members telling them that it is slashing their commission rates from seven percent to 2.5 percent on May 1.

According to Brett Terpstra, an App Store affiliate who received the email, the changes only affect affiliate referrals for apps. Other iTunes and iBooks Store content like music, movies, TV shows and books will continue to receive the original seven percent rate.

“I use affiliate links on everything… and it generates a small portion of my monthly income. Not a lot, but it’s enough to notice,” wrote Terpstra in a post on his blog talking about Apple’s decision to cut affiliate commissions. While referring to the almost 65 percent commission rate reduction, Terpstra said “It’s a drastic cut to mention in passing just one week before it takes effect.”

Apparently, affiliates were only given one week of warning on the impending change.

Affiliates Not Happy Since App Store Commissions Were Cut

Federico Viticci, another App Store affiliate, and founder of Apple news and app reviews site MacStoriesNet, turned to Twitter to express his frustration, saying the move “sucks.”

Viticci posted a picture of what looks like a copy of the email affiliates received:

Apple App Store Affiliate Program

The App Store affiliate program allows websites owners from the Apple community to link to App Store downloads. The link they use has a unique referral ID for each affiliate. When customers click on this link and buy apps or in-app purchases, Apple pays a small cut of the qualified sales to the affiliate. The app developer gets 70 percent of the sale, while the affiliate partner gets incentivized to refer more customers.

Now that Apple is drastically cutting this revenue stream, the tech company risks alienating its affiliate partners who are a significant source of income for developers of the apps sold on the App Store. The new commission rate cuts, however, only apply to affiliates and won’t affect app developers.

App Store Photo via Shutterstock

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An Animation of The Velvet Underground’s “Sunday Morning” … for Your Sunday Morning

50 years ago, The Velvet Underground released their first album The Velvet Underground & Nico. And while the album never topped the charts, its influence you can’t deny. In a 1982 interview with Musician Magazine, Brian Eno famously said:

I was talking to Lou Reed the other day and he said that the first Velvet Underground record sold 30,000 copies in the first five years. The sales have picked up in the past few years, but I mean, that record was such an important record for so many people. I think everyone who bought one of those 30,000 copies started a band! So I console myself thinking that some things generate their rewards in a second-hand way.

“Sunday Morning” was the last song VU recorded for that album–a last ditch attempt to write a hit. According to Lou Reed, Andy Warhol, the band’s patron, suggested the theme for the song: “Andy said, ‘Why don’t you just make it a song about paranoia?’ I thought that was great so I came up with ‘Watch out, the world’s behind you, there’s always someone watching you,’ which I feel is the ultimate paranoid statement in that the world cares enough to watch you.” Writes Joe Harvard, in his short book on the album, the song “calls to mind a sleepy, quiet Sunday so perfectly that you can listen to the song repeatedly before registering what it’s really about: paranoia and displacement.”

Above, you watch a new animation created to commemorate the 50th anniversary of The Velvet Underground & Nico. Created by James Eads and Chris McDaniel, it’ll hopefully get your Sunday underway.

via Dangerous Minds

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Facebook, HTC and Intel Among Biggest Investors in VR

Several industry reports have indicated that the virtual reality (VR) sector is undergoing tremendous growth, with some indications that revenues from VR and augmented reality will approach $24 billion (USD) by the end of 2017. A report from analytics company Quid has revealed who the biggest investors in VR technology and industry are.

As indicated by the F8 developer conference last week, Facebook are heavily involved with the future of VR and AR. In terms of corporate acquisition, Facebook top the table; the social media giant already own Oculus, and are rapidly acquiring other companies in the VR and AR areas, acquisitions that are estimated to be worth $2.16 billion. Facebook are also working on AR technology, the new Facebook Spaces social VR application.

The report by Quid also notes that the amount of jobs relating to the VR sector that are posted on LinkedIn has tripled over the past year, and while LinkedIn hardly represents every open position available in the Vr industry, they di give an indication of the scale involved. Facebook again have the most number of VR-related positions available, with 86 positions available, mostly under the Oculus brand. Cybercoders, Intel and Nokia come in much lower, with Cybercoders having 24 positions open, and Intel and Nokia having 20 each. The majority of available jobs are based in the US, followed by the UK, then Germany and India.

For venture capital, Rothenberg Ventures has been the most involved, with 32 seperate investments made in to the VR industry. The highest level of corporate investment came from HTC Vive X, who made 28 investments, with Intel not far behind.

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